Jan 1999

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Is There a Physician Union in Your Future?

Nine Keys to Better Recruiting

Strengthening Relationships With Your Patients

Getting Patients Off Hold and Online

Measuring Patient Satisfaction: How to Do It and Why to Bother

How Does Your Practice Sound on the Phone?

Why I Fired My Family Doctor

FPM Articles on Patient Relations


Editor's Page

Redesigned With You in Mind
Robert L. Edsall


Tools for Today's Family Physician: The FPM Curriculum
Marc L. Rivo

Getting Paid

Three New Year's Resolutions From Medicare
Kent J. Moore

Improving Patient Care

Are Your Patients Getting the Preventive Services They Need?
L. Casey Chosewood


Make Your Presentations More Powerful
Thomas G. Savel

David C. Kibbe

Salaried FP

Medalia: Why We Unionized
James D. Vandermeer

Balancing Act

Six Ways to Make Play a Priority
Pamela J. Vaccaro

Coding & Documentation

Coding Fractional Units of ServiceDocumenting Medical Necessity for TestsCoding Tests for Therapeutic LevelsSubstitutions for Bulleted Exam ElementsSame-Day Annual Exam and Flex SigConsultation vs. ED VisitCoding Telephone CallsCoding a Sports PhysicalCoding a Test's Professional Component


Medicaid and "Teaching Physician" RulesPCPs and Stark IIWho Can Sign Your Prescriptions?Tracking ED Use

Practice Diary

E-mailOld ChartsHands OnStaff AppreciationOffice Aesthetics


Y2K Update: Millennium Bug Isn't Just HCFA's ProblemHMO Lets Doctors Choose Referral PhysiciansFP Stats: A Matter of TrustGroups Call for Patient Privacy ImprovementsNational Health Care Spending Slows ... With Help From Medicare, MedicaidPhysicians Fare Well, Despite Managed CareFour Family Physicians Go to Washington


Managed Care vs. MSAs

On MDs and DOs

Dubious Comfort From Medicare

Patient Education

Into the Wilds of the Web

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