Nov-Dec 2007

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Payer Trend: 'Tiering' Physicians and 'Steering' Patients

Panel Size: Answers to Physicians' Frequently Asked Questions

The Makings of a Good Meeting

Optimizing Referrals & Consults With a Standardized Process


From the Editor

Becoming a Superpractice
Robert L. Edsall


Baumol's Disease
Bobby J. Newbell


Contemplating Complementary Medicine?

Practice Pearls

Walk the WalkMake a Good First ImpressionIncrease the Time You Have for PatientsRetrieving Medical Records

Coding & Documentation

Same Code for Same ProcedureInitial Hospital Care and 99221Prothrombin Time Testing With 99211Trigger Point InjectionsRemoving Multiple Lesions90805 Includes E/M ServicesUsing Test Results as a DiagnosisNPs and Care Plan Oversight

News & Trends

State Task Force Studying Doctor PayInflation Outpaces Physicians' Pay IncreasesIndustry and Teaching PhysiciansStudy Adds Up Cost of Annual Physicals

The Last Word

Aiding the Wounded Among Us
Mitchell L. Cohen

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