EDIT Schrager team culture
Hopkins Team-Based Care
Iserson Social Media Protections
LAST Ciszak nutrition education
Lyon Staff Retention
Mullen ACP team approach
SUPP immunization
SUPP PCPCM implementation
EDIT Schrager what patients want
Kennedy Weighty Issue
LAST Barksdale trust
Magoon SDOH
Morcomb patient satisfaction
Voogt Patient Communication
EDIT Schrager time mgmt to-do
Hansmann Medicare 101
LAST Brown concierge
LAST Jain vaccine
Moore annual payment update
Nicoletti combining visits
OPIN Church E/M Changes
Peer reviewers
Weida Coding Tips
Antono Antimicrobial
Dom Dera VBC
EDIT Schrager Info overload
LAST Frasca pt expectations
Magoon HCC
Pogones Registries
Wattles Antibiotic Stewardship
Ajinkya leadership skills
Bhuyan Side Gigs
Byrne-Wheat Discrimination
Churgay Disability Insurance
EDIT Schrager CV
Hahn practice options
LAST Jaqua parenthood and medicine
OPIN Rutter Precept Benefits
SUPP employment contracts
EDIT Schrager admin hassles
Kantner FMLA
Millette Coding Approach
Moore Admin Simplification
OPIN pc financing (joint w/AFP)
Scuderi Priorities
SUPP pregnancy and vaccines
Vachon COVID-19 Patient Communication
Winner inbox/admin burden tips
Cornwell Home Visits
EDIT Schrager behavioral health
James OMT Coding
Landeck Opioid MAT Rural
LAST Jaqua Imposter Syndrome
Marso Millennials
OPIN Kieu Mental Health
OPIN North Telehealth
SUPP innovative
Teichman Clinical Pharmacists
Adkison Glucose Monitoring
Brull Care Management
EDIT Schrager quadruple aim
LAST Barksdale Patient Rapport
Stacey Agenda Setting
SUPP care mgmt
Wang DME
EDIT joint statement
EDIT peer reviewers
LAST Holley Balance
Leyde Overdose Preparedness
Miller Empl Agreements
Millette 99214
Moore 2021 Medicare Update
OPIN Church e/m
Pipas Community Wellbeing
EDIT Schrager patient advocacy
LAST Antonucci pc wish list
Lyon Medical Scribes
Moore Coding Test
Pipas Organizational Well-being
Shen-Wagner Ultrasound
SUPP alcohol counseling
SUPP risk adjustment
SUPP smoking cessation
EDIT Schrager experience of people of color
Eull EQ response to difficult people
Garcia Pandemic Urgent Care
Greenawald peer connection
LAST Brown dr google
Millette Coding changes
SUPP maternal immuniz
EDIT Schrager Patient Relationships
Kauffman DPC Transition
LAST Sherman Patience
Motley Job Search
Pipas team wellness
SUPP pneum
SUPP VBP primer
Winner EHR tips
Drummond bureaucracy
EDIT Schrager Telephone
LAST Patel Leadership Tips
Magoon Virtual Visits
Pipas family wellness promotion
Viera Blood Pressure Monitoring
EDIT Schrager Hugs
Greene Humor
Hughes Hypertension Coding
LAST Bailey depression
Margolius Panel Rubric
Pipas mindfulness and physical health
Collins Waiting Room
EDIT Schrager Goals
EDIT Thank You Peer Reviewers
LAST Brown little man
Moore Medicare Update
Nguyen Social Media
OPIN Hancock Provider Role
Pipas personal health improvement plan
SUPP Primary Care First
Bailey Behavioral Health
Brown Joy in Practice
Brull Advance Care Planning
EDIT Schrager Peers
LAST Eniola Medical Error
Weber Panel Size
EDIT Schrager Fresh
Larson Obesity
LAST Plasner job
OPIN Winner FP Ecosystem
Reddy Pediatrics
Wohlever incivility
Edgoose Implicit Bias
EDIT Backer New Editor
EDIT Schrager Experience
Fisher Patient-Centered Care
LAST Brown sharing patients
OPIN Waters Deregulation
Parker Orientation
Sherman Trauma
SUPP adol vacc
Dom Dera Risk Stratification
EDIT Backer Roles
Fiscella Prescription Costs
LAST Wohlever poem
Patel Transitions of Care
SUPP influenza
White/board work after clinic
Cuenca AWV value
EDIT Backer Quality
Grivois-Shah Advocacy
LAST Reitz motivation
Nicoletti Skin Codes
Rebedew Apps-Productivity
Savoy Childhood Trauma Care
EDIT Backer Changes
EDIT peer reviewers 2018
Jerzak Innovations
LAST Brown high-maintenance
Marting Teen Privacy
Moore CPT Update 2019
Unwin Dementia Kit
Cheng Violent Patients
EDIT Adler Risks
Kowalchuk Opioid Use
LAST Lin curiosity
Rebedew Apps-Prescriptions
Schrager Communicating Risk
Cayley Communication
EDIT Adler Communication
Heath Team Motivation
LAST McBride goodbye
Mills access
OPIN Pimienta Chaperones
Rebedew Apps-Exercise
Safford Service Agreements
Altman Payment
Bodenheimer Teachback
EDIT Adler Quality
Gosfield Beneficiaries
Greenawald culture
LAST Yu Resilience
Marting 99214
Rebedew Apps-Pain
EDIT Adler Burden
Endsley Deprescribing
Flood Humility
LAST Iliff career satisfaction
Leubner Standing Orders
O'Gurek Social Determinants
OPIN Mishori deprescribing
Rebedew Apps-Mindfulness
SUPP Employer
Belatti HCCs
EDIT Adler RAFing
Hooker Behavior Change
LAST McBride emotions
Lyon Redesign
Marting HIPAA
Nicoletti Risk Adjustment
SPPACES Rebedew Mood App
SUPP Young Adult
Cuenca Efficiency
Goren EQ
LAST Eniola Gifts
Moore CPT Update 2018
Mullins QPP Changes
Peer Review 2017
Rebedew Apps-Healthy Habits
EDIT Adler Leadership
Franko Leading Up
Grantham Delegation
Hughes Screening Codes
LAST Ellison Urgent Care
Shay Medicare opt out
Stoeckle Flu Vaccine
EDIT Adler Frustration
Fogarty Flu
LAST Bodoutchian Schwartz Rounds
LAST Brown remission
Miller Benefits
Mostashari value
Waldren Technology
Winner Part 2
Colorafi Mental Health
EDIT Backer mindfulness
LAST Brown chemo OA
LAST Eniola Ethics
Pogones MIPS
Walden Refugee Health
Winner Part 1
Cuenca Performance
EDIT Adler Report Card
Fadden EHR
LAST Brown illness
LAST Brown illness2 OA
Schrager shared decisions
Zoorob Alcohol
Bluestein AWV
EDIT Adler wellness visits
Kaprielian PA/NP
LAST Kaplan burnout
Rebedew Apps
Shay HIPAA Security
Sherman Tools for Behavior
EDIT Adler MACRA Consequences
LAST Millette Sins
Moore CPT 2017
Mullins MACRA Final Rule
Peer Review 2016
Toussaint Improvement
White-Twiddy State of Medicine
Chimowitz Open Notes
EDIT Adler Notes
EP Getter CV
Fiesinger Attribution
Hughes ICD-10 Update
Kwon leadership lessons
LAST McBride Video
Nunlist Health Confidence
Cuenca Instant Messaging
EDIT Adler Motivation
LAST Apgar nonadherence
OPIN Eskew DPC Pro
OPIN Weisbart DPC Con
Reims Motivational Interviewing
Twiddy Pre-authorization
Yeatts Risk and ACOs
EDIT Adler Burnout
EP McCrory Burnout
Hughes Preventive
Labson Home Care
LAST Svetaz
McGuire Scribes
Singleton Agreements
Cuenca Hypertension
EDIT Adler Pat Satisfaction
EP Eden medical assistant
Gosfield Repayment
Kennedy Improving Service
LAST Osborn spirituality
Nicoletti Payment
Reddy Reading
EP Schrager work-life
LAST Fogarty notes
McNeill Portals
Mullins MACRA proposed rule
Savoy Depression
White Start the Day
Bachman Scores
Drummond balance
EDIT White
EP McBride Be Present
LAST Mull get along
Moore CPT Update 16
OPIN Walden burnout
Rebedew-Lin Apps OL
Waldren Meaningful Use
Drummond Stress
EDIT Adler Advice
EP Cuenca leader
Gin Online Rep
LAST McBride positivity
Robertson QRUR Reports
Sinsky Previsit
Drummond Burnout
EDIT Adler ICD-10
EP Cuenca Contracts
Hughes ICD-10 major differences
LAST Jardim EHR Visits
Park Patient Safety
Twiddy CCM
Angel Patient Advisory Boards
EDIT Adler Improvement
Kaibara Virtual Medicine
LAST Justin Boards
Lin Choosing Wisely
Singleton employment
SPPACES med mgmt
Beckman ICD-10 sprains
EDIT Backer Solutions
Khandelwal Group Visits
LAST Bodoutchian age
Manard Access
Moore CCM FAQs
EDIT Adler Management
LAST Newbell
Lesnewski Teen EHR
Loehr Vaccines
Marting denials
Shay Incident-To Rules
SPPACES weight loss
West Inefficiency
Adler EHR survey
Beckman ICD-10 GI
EDIT Adler Portals
LAST McBride knowledge
Moore chronic care
Twiddy Portal Registration
Beckman ICD-10 respiratory
EDIT Adler Teamwork
Hermansen Coding 99215
Hopkins Scribes
Hudson Pain
LAST Lynch
Brull Hypertension Control
Coleman Partnerships
Cox Theory of Constraints
EDIT Adler Tools
LAST Goren Leadership
OPIN Nunlist Paid for Value
Wasson Health Confidence
Adler EHR Survey
Egnew Behaviors
Hughes ICD-10 prev. OL
LAST Weinstein FP role
Nguyen Immunization
Silk Oral Health
Twiddy Social Media
Ciletti Collections
EDIT Adler Solo Practice
Hughes ICD-10 signs and symptoms
LAST Garman sins
Martinez MA Shareport
SPPACES safe opioids
Twiddy Albenberg Transform 3
Beckman Hypertension
Brown Vaccinations
Chambliss Health Educator
EDIT Adler Team
LAST Antonucci Joy
Moch Interpreter REV
SPPACES Lin Docphin
Twiddy Terry Transform 2
Blunt CPT 2014
EDIT Adler 2014
LAST Robinson lifestyle
Mitchell MU2
Nicoletti ICD-10 Prep
Weiss Health Literacy
Beckman ICD-10 documentation
EDIT Adler ICD-10
Mullins Coordinator REV
Pasternak Audit
Twiddy Integration
EDIT Adler free lunch
Ghorob Access
Hurd Sunshine Act
Iserson Intl Medicine
LAST Selinger
Mishori Global Health
SPPACES Lin iGeriatrics
Twiddy Bender Transform 1
Anderson Nurse Practice REV
Block New Practice REV
EDIT Adler Employment
Edwards Code Challenge
McBride Psych of Employment
OPIN Joy Eating Disorders
Bloink transition codes
Hodge Symptom diaries
LAST Petersen cough
Lim Leadership
OPIN Belden EHR Note
Shay HIPAA Rules
SUPP Ghorob coaching
SUPP Mauksch collaborative
Adelman MA
EDIT Adler Mar/Apr 2013
LAST McBride relationships
McGough Office Design
Sinsky Nonadherence
Wirshup Emergency
EDIT Adler JanFeb 2013
EDIT Backer JanFeb 2013
Fox Skin codes
Franklin Messaging
Nedrow Burnout
OPIN Herbert Sickle Cell
Scherger Organization
EDIT LAB Nov/Dec 2012
Edsall EHR Report
LAST McBride present
Scaletta toolkit
Seyfried CPT 2013
Sinsky Refills
Teasley Change therapy
Borg DME
Cuenca AWV
Eaton message trafficking
EDIT RLE Sept/Oct 2012
OPIN Barrow Rationing
Stewart antibiotics (NRN)
Achar malpractice
Burke employment
Edgoose difficult pts
EDIT LAB July/Aug 2012
Hughes ICD-10 codes
LAST Lima tribute
Owolabi coding
Adler EHR Survey
Croy disaster recovery (NRN)
EDIT RLE May/June 2012
Kalogredis practice sales
LAST Schrager multitask
OPIN Briggs reform
Safford team care
Walsworth Apps
Borg ACOs
EDIT LAB Mar/Apr 2012
Eidus decision support (NRN)
Hughes AWV HRA
Hughes ICD-10 overview
Kalish documentation
LAST Evans no paycheck
Bowers leadership
EDIT RLE Jan/Feb 2012
Gillette Politics
Hughes CPT 2012
LAST McBride counseling
Moore CPCI
White state of FM
Zielinski New EMR
EDIT RLE Nov-Dec 2011
Hartwell Embezzlement
Jarve Referrals
LAST Hitzeman practice 2020
Old communication
Teichman Prescribing
Bobbitt ACOs
EDIT RLE Sep-Oct 2011
Hill coding
Hughes ICD-9 2012
LAST Kalman check-up
OPIN Kibbe Incentive
Woodcock HEDIS
Crownover documentation
EDIT RLE Jul-Aug 2011
Edsall EHR data
Hughes AWV how-to
Izor employed
LAST Arnold First day
Bagley registries
EDIT RLE MayJune 2011
Fox motivational interviewing (NRN)
Kuzel teams
LAST Jain Caring
Lyon chronic care
OPIN Iliff notes
EDIT RLE MarApr 2011
Hill coding mistakes
Hughes AWV Q&A
LAST Newbell no app
Margolius spreadsheet
McAndrews fitness (NRN)
Adler EHR Survey 4
EDIT RLE JanFeb 2011
Halladay Quality programs
Hughes CPT 2011
Hughes Medicare services
LAST Guerrera meandering
Reitz Counseling
Adler Attitude
EDIT RLE Nov-Dec 2010
LAST Brill Congrats
McMillen lease
Willis chronic pain
Young Efficiency
Backer PCMH update
Bodenheimer Coaching
EDIT RLE Sep-Oct 2010
Hughes ICD-9 updates
Kibbe EHR incentive
LAST Antonucci access
Adler EHR satisfaction
EDIT RLE Jul-Aug 2010
Edsall decision making
Hughes Medicare carriers
LAST Kulie lounge
OPIN Belden Usability
Shenkel Cost Tips
Biagioli students
EDIT RLE May-Jun 2010
LAST Newbell clean
Moore exam
Tinsley overhead pt 2
White reform
Chase next level
EDIT RLE MarApr 2010
LAST Lundeen letters
Moore history
Shay Application
Tinsley overhead 1
Adler asthma
EDIT RLE Jan 2010
Hughes CPT 2010
LAST Cohen apology
OPIN Newbell change
Roland PQRI
Yancey Impaired provider
Borglum Monitoring
EDIT RLE Nov-Dec 2009
Edsall EHR Survey
Kuzel PCMH
LAST Laird Quiznos
OPIN Shenkel lessons
Boxer self-mgmt
EDIT RLE Sept 2009
Forester Uninsured
Hughes ICD-9 updates
Hughes uninsured
LAST Mercado thinking
Yawn Suicide Guide
Dillaway cell phone
LAST Brown follow-up
Mackett Epidemic
OPIN Kibbe Modular
OPIN Starfield specialty
Stewart PCMH
Waldren HITECH Q&A
Adler EHR Survey 3
Dohrenwend depressed
EDIT RLE MayJune 09
LAST Cayley rural med
Mills tips
OPIN Iliff exercise
Pasternak online rating
Schrager lists
SNAP Koleski
Beeson performance
Dom Dera Internet usage
EDIT RLE MarApr 09
LAST McBride err
Nicoletti chart audit
OPIN Paladine Pharma-Free
Valancy partnership
Adler e-Prescribing
Backer medical home
EDIT RLE Jan 2009
Hughes CPT 2009
LAST Cohen Charting
Moore Medicare update
SNAP Brown
Backer tool intro
EDIT RLE NovDec 2008
Hill coding time
LAST Jain life lessons
Mills coding
OPIN Marker Welby
SNAP Schrager
Weida CPT
Bechtol vaccine plan
Big Ideas 2008
EDIT RLE Sep 2008
Hughes ICD-9 updates
Johnson change mgnt (TMed)
LAST Antonucci busy
Moore vaccinations
OPIN Iliff malpractice
Block EHR benefits
Buttz Payments
EDIT RLE July 2008
Evensen Leave
Halley Team Care
Kaprielian chart audit
LAST Newbell Paper chase
OPIN Glazer Law
Springer New FPM
EDIT RLE June 2008
Erickson four rules
Hubbard point of care
LAST Brown whammy
Moore opt out
OPIN Ness Multiproblem
Schackow EMR meltdown
Stewart patients notice (TMed)
Adler Web services
Busselen Open access
EDIT RLE May 2008
Frank Military
LAST Waltman nursing home
Moore fee cut
OPIN Saver Education
OPIN Wilk Medicare
Valenzuela Merger
Woolever decisions
Antonucci Groups
Crabtree Medical home
Dachs Samaritan
EDIT RLE April 2008
Gosfield Stark III
Gupta Web browsing
LAST Chavey Epidemic
OPIN Bagley med home
Pretorius Drug seekers
EDIT RLE March 2008
Epstein Communication
Gosfield Stark III
Heinzelmann Tools
LAST Cayley service
Old End-of-life care
OPIN Sinsky e-Nirvana
EDIT RLE Feb 2008
Edsall EHR Report
Forester St. Lukes
LAST Fischer Lab malpractice
Moore IMP: measure
Moore RUC
Eby transformation
EDIT RLE Jan 2008
Hughes CPT 2008
LAST Brown progress
OPIN Iliff medicare
Stream Network
Watson Prevention
EDIT RLE Nov 2007
LAST Cohen Malpractice
Murray FAQ
OPIN Newbell Baumol
Reichman referral management
Rizer Meetings
Stone profiling
Eads IMP: e-visits
EDIT RLE Oct 2007
Hughes flu shots
LAST Cayley noncompliance
OPIN Smith Survival
Pelletier Survey
Valancy recruiting doctors
Backer medical home
EDIT RLE Sept 2007
Garrett office (TMed)
Ho IMP: efficiency / overhead
Hughes ICD-9 updates
LAST Frank Failure
Moore IMP: overview
Bachman EHR history
Blackman Integrative
EDIT RLE July 2007
LAST Cohen Commute
Moore Part D vaccines
Opin Switzer Passion
Roberts apologize
Bagley PVRP bonus
EDIT RLE Jun 2007
Forrest cash
Hull Difficult patients
LAST Schrager Obstetrics
OPIN Iliff primary care
Stewart huddles (TMed)
White survey results
Cohen Blog
LAST Grief Well-Nourished
Pawar blame
Sullivan TransforMed intro
Teichman malpractice hi/lo
Wells efficient care
Adler EHR Survey 2
EDIT Felger
EDIT RLE April 2007
LAST Valancy hairball
Murray panel size
Nicoletti E/M utilization
Orzano Performance
Coren Moonlighting
EDIT Campos-Outcalt Health
EDIT RLE Mar 2007
Hainer Immunizations
Hughes consult codes
LAST Newbell junk mail
PTED counterfeit
Teichman Counterfeit meds
Trachtenbarg Myths
Adler EHR success
EDIT Glazer specialization
EDIT RLE Feb 2007
Hodges admin markers
LAST Brown records
Moore Medicare preventive
Vaida Rx errors
EDIT RLE Jan 2007
Health plan survey
Hughes CPT 2007
LAST Cohen Resolutions
Thiedke satisfaction
Waller L2/L3
Benedetti firing
EDIT Edsall Nov/Dec 06
Jones contracting
LAST Wenner mechanic
McBride work relationships
Sinsky organization
Cohen sample
EDIT RLE Oct 2006
Health plan survey
Hughes CMS form
Hughes sports physical
LAST Cayley comfort
Mitchell labs
Reichman managed care
Backer superbill
EDIT Edsall Sept 06
Edsall FPM encounter forms
Hughes ICD-9 updates
LAST Cohen atari
White communicate
White toolbox
Wiprud admit
Bagley measurement
Coren open house
EDIT RLE Jul 2006
Endsley P4P programs
Jensen medical necessity
LAST Flake dx du jour
Lin Top 10 PDA Apps
Valancy career
Akosa precert
Dillon collections
EDIT Edsall June 06
Kliner voice coding
LAST Newbell dress
Mohler prescribing
Zurad malpractice
EDIT Bachman retail
EDIT Edsall planned care
Endsley PHRs
Kalogredis exit strategy
LAST Schumer exploding doc
Moore planned care
Nicoletti FP/NA billing
Sullivan retail clinics
Theobald tobacco
Ebell pneumonia
EDIT Brown reinventing
EDIT RLE April 2006
Endsley lean
Hughes preventive + E/M
LAST Jain Spanish
Ortiz registry
Sagall question
Dillon balances
EDIT Glazer disability
EDIT RLE Mar 2006
LAST McBride boredom
Moore teams
Steinbauer access
Ventres EHR
White consumer -directed plans
Backer cash
Brand cash housecalls
Dietz fraud
DomDera apps
Kraus cash room
LAST Schrager dr-mom
Serio leadership
Stone cash practice
Waller worksheet
Biola Medicare Part D
Braksmajer group visits
EDIT Hueston happiness
EDIT RLE Jan 2006
Hughes CPT 2006
LAST Flake firing
Tallia relationships
Temte pandemic
EDIT RLE Nov 2005
EDIT Shenkel chronic care
LAST Waltman doing
Mohler chronic care model
Moore concurrent care
Sansweet entities
Spikol PDA use
Yu root cause
Capko standards
EDIT Edsall Oct 2005
Edsall EHR Survey
Elgert reliability science
LAST Newbell coding nonsense
Millette coding skin
Wall departing
EDIT Backer Sept 05
EDIT Iliff Questions
Hughes ICD-9 updates
Jensen routine
Knight macro
LAST Moser Wonderful
Willis fire patient
Backer kids
BAL Havron prioritize
EDIT RLE July 2005
Flanagan pertussis
IPC Ventres culture
PAID Carter income
Weinfeld EBM & Web
BAL Frank admin
COMP Oh PDA eval
EDIT RLe June 2005
Endsley innovation
McTavish assistance
PAID Hughes defend
Pawar selling
Reichman niche services
Bagley new model
BAL Spickerman de-stress
Conomikes phone
EDIT Elzinga identity
EDIT RLE May 2005
IPC Ebell warfarin
PAID Nicoletti CPO
Pfifferling Toxic
Spann FFM
BAL Jardim having it all
COMP Ferenchick PDA free
EDIT Glazer ethics
EDIT RLE April 2005
Hawkins Recruit
IPC Brittin listening
Kibbe HIPAA Security
PAID Card Welcome
Tache MAs
Willis efficiency
BAL Havron organized
Coleman Medicare
COMP Bradd Fax
EDIT Evans pharma
EDIT open access
IPC Ebell knee
Latessa nonpatients
Murray Q&A
PAID Rowe coder
Adler EHR survey
Adler EMR-picking
BAL Jardim slowing down
IPC Izard
PAID Moore physical
Rowley EMR
Spikol low-cost EHR
BAL McBride changes
EDIT Sanders paperwork
Endsley collaborative
IPC Flaherty dictation
PAID Moore CPT 2005
Toback emergency
White MOC
Adler EMR time
BAL Vaccaro Updates
Bernick pre-retirement
Burke malpractice
EDIT Horton Pre-death
EDIT RLE Nov/Dec 04
IPC Ebell risk
Shenkel staff retention
Thiedke staff motivation
BAL Jardim small talk
EDIT RLE Oct 2004
Elward asthma systems
IPC Weida cold
Machado tablet
Mertz negotiate
PAID Felger Modifiers
BAL Guazzo list
big ideas 2004
Dreffer group visits
Dykes listen
EDIT RLE Sept 2004
IPC Smith interview
PAID Moore ICD-9 update
Vazquez uninsured
Backer surcharges
BAL McBride family
Buttz appointment
EDIT RLE July 2004
IPC Lutton dismount
PAID Moore surgery
PTED interpreter
Willis interpreters
BAL Elwyn Hipaa
EDIT RLE June 2004
Herndon interpreter
Hill 99211
IPC Ebell otitis media
Maresh part-time
PAID Nicoletti profile
BAL Jardim blending
COMP Survey
Currey media
EDIT RLE May 2004
Flaherty literature
IPC Denmark chronic
PAID Bare credential
Pierdon open access
BAL Dykes kindness
Bush FFM update
COMP Scherger E-mail II
EDIT RLE April 2004
Hill preventive visits
IPC Schludermann tracking
Kullgren unit cost
PAID Ciletti payments
BAL Vaccaro paper planner
COMP Scherger E-mail I
EDIT Glazer customer
EDIT RLE March 2004
Endsley performance
Hirsch privileging
IPC Ebell hypertension
PAID Moore depression
PTED Moore medical bills
Willis Equipment
BAL Spickerman refusal
COMP Lewis Wireless
Edit RLE Feb 04
Gosfield Stark: Pt II
IPC Ebell pulm emb
O'Hare Open Access
PAID Nicoletti Observation
White EBM 101
BAL Phillips If
Borglum budget
COMP Seehusen Filing
EDIT RLE January 2004
IPC Mohler calculate risk
Nicoletti successful
PAID Moore CPT 2004
Shenkel clinic
BAL Hall chivalry
Bush public opinion
EDIT RLE Nov-Dec 2003
Gosfield Stark: Pt I
IPC Kreger mourners
Martz Injection
PAID Moore opt out
PTED mourners
Backer tools
BAL Rosenfeld Day
EDIT RLE Oct 2003
Hill 99214 classic
IPC Gillette costeffective
PAID Moore ICD-9 update
Solo Practice
Taylor leadership
Thiedke joy of practice
BAL McBride marriage Part 2
Crownover Idea
EDIT RLE Sept 2003
Hill new visits
IPC Ebell sore throat
Kibbe TCS implementation
Moore Starting
PAID Moore global
Alper EBM
BAL McBride marriage Part 1
Cardinal Well-Visits
IPC Pozner Home Visits
PAID Backer coord benefits
Shenkel meetings
Solberg KISS
BAL Boock team
Borglum Money
Burke contract language
Cardinal Interviews
COMP Bush open source
EDIT RLE June 2003
IPC Redka today's visit
PAID Gosfield testing
Sophocles Coding
BAL Vaccaro attention management
COMP Lewis evidence - based tools
Dearden health system
EDIT RLE May 2003
Gillette Return Patients
IPC Houck group visits
PAID Moore E/M update
Smith EMR
Stewart Hospital
Aymond health plan review
BAL Boehm patient trust
EDIT Hooks-Anderson Urban
EDIT RLE April 2003
IPC McTavish Efficiency
McBride Stress
PAID Moore appeals
Stelman Doc Tool
BAL Swenson Margins
Boyle Shared OB Care
Capko appraisals I
COMP Sklar Online CME
EDIT RLE March 2003
IPC Rooney meds list
PAID Moore homebound
Roberts risk reduction
BAL Vaccaro declutter
Bradd Intranet
Bush HIPAA forms
EDIT RLE Feb 2003
Endsley dashboard
IPC Weymier optimize nurse
PAID Moore admissions
BAL Fang relationships
COMP Chandrashekhar Palm tips
EDIT Rivo Farewell
EDIT RLE Jan 2003
Henley Coding
IPC Giannone access
Nankervis decision
PAID Moore CPT 2003
Shapiro volunteer
Silversin change
BAL Spickerman attraction
Dohrenwend Sandwich
EDIT Glenn Name
EDIT RLE Nov/Dec 2002
Gosfield HIPAA FAQs
IPC Olson lists
Montemayor drugs
PAID Moore preventive
PTED Bare pharm
SAL Burke employment contracts
BAL Bush retreats
Brown 10 reasons
COMP Spikol e-prescribing
EDIT Ashbach Boutique
EDIT RLE Oct 2002
IPC Escobedo Rx refills
PAID Moore ICD-9 update
Roberts malpractice insurance
Soper EMR
BAL Bush Job Satisfaction tips
EDIT RLE Sept 2002
IPC Woodcock phone
Maresh Facility
PAID Rodriguez Medicare ABN
Reeves Benchmark Staffing
Worzniak job sharing
BAL McPherson Patient Errors
Bush Anticoagulation
EDIT Rivo errors
EDIT RLE Jul 2002
IPC Meyer patient
PAID Tinsley Analyze E/M Coding
PTED errors
Teichman Prescribing I
White result tracking
Backer patient flow
BAL Moore humor
COMP Morrison PDA security software
Daugird Call-RVUs
EDIT RLE June 2002
IPC Vinson intra-office
PAID Moore new Medicare
Vega Diversity
BAL Reconnecting w/Joy
EDIT RLE May 2002
IPC kikano health habits
Kibbe HIPAA delay
Moore Q&A
Morrison Palm software
PAID Ciletti No payment
SAL Moore Prod Primer
Smiley having fun
BAL Vaccaro Civility
COMP Valancy spreadsheet
EDIT RLE Apr 2002
Gillette the mess we're in
IPC Weida encounter form
PAID Moore flu
Plsek Service
Zeckhausen spirituality
BAL Vaccaro Tips
EDIT RLE Mar 2002
Giovino graduate
IPC Mohler pharm
Moore solo II
Murray referrals
PAID Ciletti billing tips
BAL Suzewits Precepting
EDIT RLE Feb 2002
IPC White self-test
Maresh Coding
Moore solo I
PAID Moore diagnostic tests
PTED Bare prescriptions
SAL Kalogredis Semi-retirement
Teichman anticoagulants
Ahmed Obesity
BAL Vaccaro goals
Chung modified wave
COMP Bush EMR functionality
EDIT RLE Jan 2002
Giovino marketing
IPC kikano race
BAL Mohl journaling
Capko Marketing
EDIT RLE Nov 2001
Gosfield MLPs
IPC Teichman chronic pain
Kibbe HIPAA Transactions/Code Sets
PAID Moore Medicare myths
BAL Phillips family
Cole Diversion
COMP Suzewits download
EDIT RLE Oct 2001
Hill 99214
IPC Wiprud admit
PAID Moore ICD-9 changes
White idealized
BAL Brautigam Retreats
Bush identity fam med
COMP Lewis listservs
EDIT RLE Sept 2001
IPC kikano shared decision
Kibbe web tips tools
PAID Moore preop services
PTED Bare managed care
Teichman dictation
Backer management
BAL Vaccaro protect time
COMP Schneider PDA shop
EDIT RLE July 2001
IPC Colgan QA
Kibbe HIPAA security regs
PAID Moore HCFA offices
Teichman depositions
BAL Bush life balance tips
Bare necessity
COMP Chasin PDAs
COMP Levin scanners
EDIT RLE Jun 2001
IPC Davis Rx
PAID Moore preventive care
PTED coverage
Xakellis Balance
Zuber managing up
BAL Zeckhausen Spirit
Brazeau Malpractice
COMP Lewis Core Apps
EDIT RLE May 2001
IPC Schulte guidelines
Mertz work smarter
PAID Moore home health
BAL Vaccaro priorities
Capko Turnover
EDIT RLE April 2001
Grimshaw New
Hofford Legislation
IPC kikano family
McKenna Web
PAID Moore diabetes
SAL Covenants 2
BAL Spicer mission
COMP Knight voice
EDIT RLE Mar 2001
IPC kikano family
Kibbe HIPAA overview
Meyers EMR questions
PAID Moore red ink
Schechter utilization
Steyer alternative med
BAL Moskowitz time wheel
EDIT Rivo self-test
EDIT RLE Feb 2001
FPM self-test
Giovino practice styles
IPC Moser prevention
PAID O'Trompke waiver
Soper strategic planning
Torrey phone
BAL Vaccaro changes
Beach Job hunt pt. II
EMR Vendor Survey
IPC white qi wrap-up
Kennedy OIG
White financing
BAL Vaccaro Create Time
Beach Job Hunt
EDIT RLE Nov 2000
Giovino revenue
IPC Kikano discontinuity
Kilo quality pays 2
PAID Moore mental
SAL Covenants
BAL Bush support groups
COMP Kibbe internet health records
Davenport malpractice
EDIT RLE Oct 2000
Hill E-mail
IPC Sutton culture
Kilo quality pays
Moore Appeals
PAID Moore long ICD-9
BAL Vaccaro 80/20 rule
Capko Hiring
Colodny Compensation
COMP Willyard palm pilot
EDIT RLE Sept 2000
IPC white pre-planning
Murray access
PAID Moore ICD-9
BAL Mohl books
Bennett Fromer group
Collins Universal
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Gillette Patients
Giovino 99211
IPC kikano volume
PAID Moore fraud
SAL Dearden Non-Solicit
BAL Vaccaro meetings
COMP Kibbe practice
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Giovino housecalls
IPC white flowchart
Levin EMR
Masley Group Visits
PAID Moore colleague
Pugno Residency
BAL Thiedke grieving
Chappelle Teaching
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IPC Henley risk
Kilo quality
PAID Moore rural
Rust Diversity
SAL Sansweet Benefits
Scope Letters
BAL Davis
Bradshaw Self-Audits
COMP Rumsey Hardin
EDIT RLE April 2000
IPC kikano distressed
PAID Moore Critical
Pfifferling Fatigue
Reed redesign
SAL Dupont Leverage
Aymond disintegration II
BAL Vaccaro Organization
Funnell self-management
IPC kikano prevention
PAID Moore noncred
Rollins Rural
Teichman malpractice
Aymond disintegration I
BAL Bush time mgmt tips
EDIT RLE Feb 2000
IPC Miller Medical errors
PAID Valancy Communication
Shimko Salary
White scope of practice
BAL Bush Keenan profile
COMP Kibbe Alzheimer's
COMP Kibbe eHealth
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Family practice trends
IPC kikano tobacco
Phillips Same
Rivo millennium
SAL Giovino negotiation
Vinn market
BAL Vaccaro Holidays
Collins disintegration
COMP Stello EMRs
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Giovino negotiation
IPC white registry
Mertz Disney
PAID kikano coding
PAID Moore consultation
SAL Couchman management
White admit orders
BAL Blackall Burnout
EDIT Cook Medicine
EDIT RLE Oct 1999
IPC Eubanks setting goals
PAID Guira cash flow
PAID Moore nonrenewal
Rehm Y2K
SAL Kaplan Pink
Syptak Motivation
White QI
Williams Harassment
Aymond tips
Backer preview
BAL Zaslove Mind/body
COMP Solomon word process
EDIT RLE Sept 1999
EDIT Stuart Viagra
IPC Kikano pt sat
Kikano Re-engineering
McClure Disaster
PAID Moore Review
Sanford Fire
Aymond data
BAL Vaccaro Procrastination
COMP Kibbe WebMD
EDIT Pugno leader
EDIT RLE July 1999
Gillette Turtles II
Giovino 99214
Hill ICD-9
IPC Weida efficiency
PAID Moore Care
SAL Moore Incentives II
Thomason Executive
BAL Bush Singer profile
Bender groups II
COMP Bennett Internet
COMP Kibbe Performance
EDIT Duncan Business
EDIT RLE Burnout
Edsall Guide
IPC Pol Process
PAID Valancy Account
Pfifferling Joy
SAL Moore Incentives I
Smith risk
White Part-time
"Group Think" in Multispecialty Group
BAL Booher Clearing Clutter
COMP Kibbe clinical decision support
CPT modifiers
Developing a Medical Group
Doc-patient interaction
EDIT Haines Solo
EDIT RLE Group Practice Magic
Medicare and Y2K
Nominal group process
Physician-owned PC practice
Physicians as leaders
QI part III
Using Excel
BAL Rivo family mission statements
Brown Wellness
Diabetes self-mgmt.
Editor's page
IPC time mgmt
Leadership roadblocks
Open office scheduling
QI part II
Review of dictation systems
Work styles
Billing companies
Clinical guidelines II
Coding audit process
COMP Good patient sites
Efficient Inpatient Care
QI part I
Quality patient care
Rescuing managed care
Texas CPR profile
Top 10 time mgt. tips
Assembly highlights II
Clinical guidelines
CPT changes for '99
Deal with conflict
Expensive dinner
Knowledge Bites
Locum Tenens
Principles of interaction
Referral pamphlet
Same-day payment
Time Savers
Using dictation systems
Web: Medical World Search
FPM Curriculum
FPM Redesign
FPs and Unionization
Guilt-Free Play
Handling Phone Calls
Medicare changes for '99
Patient Relations References
PowerPoint for docs
Preventive care
Satisfaction surveys
Ten keys to recruit
Unionization experience I
White intro
Why I fired my FP
Assembly highlights
Backer Impact of hospitalists
Comparing cap & FFS
Disease management II
FP Stat
Managing Gen. Xers
Practice formulary
The New FPM
Altruism in staff relations
Care plan oversight
Compensation plans
Disease management I
FP Stat
Friendly Reminder
ICD-9 changes
Managing referrals
Nurse practitioners
Backer Patient ed tools
FP Stat
Implement demand mgt.
Power with authority
Reassignment prohibition
Self-pay patients
Using humor
Valancy Y2K
What is demand mgmt
What's Bugging You?
AMA resolution
Antitrust issues
Antitrust viewpoint
Billing for PAs
Customer Service
Exploring the WWW
FP Stats
Invitation to the Internet
Medicare compliance
Physician supervision
Ways to Say No
Backer Change doc guidelines
Dickey interview
E/M Doc guidelines
Endwell Family Practice
Expanded Primary Care
Filling positions from within
FP Stats
PPMCs Part Two
Where do we go from here?
Backer Doc guidelines
Backer flood-damaged records
Billing for NPs
FP Stats
FPM Online
Managing Managed Care
Performance eval.
Solo practice
Touching bases
Benefit packages
Coding tools
Documentation guidelines
FP Stats
PPMCs Part One
Preventive services coverage
Setting salaries
Annual assessment
Being a Doctor
Evaluating insurance
Multiple MCOs II
Patient Compliance
Practice Promotion
Presentation skills
Private contracts
Sal FPs as managers
Spice of Covered Lives
Analyzing A/R
Multiple MCO contracts
Reducing anxiety
SBA Loans
Selling your practice
Solo Practice
Which Way to the Future?
Backer Documentation tools
compensation increases
Gifts from HCFA & FPM
Improving Services
Influencing decision makers
Loan abatement
Organizing Your Office
Practice Image
Staff retreat
Staying sane
Telemedicine housecall