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Download tools to help you deal more effectively with health plans.

Fee Analysis Spreadsheet

A spreadsheet to help you identify which reimbursement rates should be negotiated with payers and a corresponding revenue-analysis spreadsheet to help you assess your profits if a payer accepts your target rate
Download Format: Excel
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Letter to Health Plans About Bundling Services

A sample letter to health plans about the inappropriate bundling of preventive medicine services and problem-oriented E/M services on the same date
Download Format: Word
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Pay-for-Performance Evaluation Tool

A spreadsheet that can help you evaluate the pay-for-performance programs that are available to you
Download Format: Excel
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Response to a Health Plan Audit

A sample response to a health plan that identifies you as a coding outlier
Download Format: Other
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Spreadsheet: Health Plan Comparison

A sample spreadsheet that directly compares the value of the health plans a practice does business with
Download Format: Excel
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