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Patient-Centered Care

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This article collection features popular FPM content on the subject of patient-centered care -- from setting the agenda for a visit to optimizing patient satisfaction.

Last Update: 03/01/2021


04/01/2021 Five Steps to Mastering Agenda Setting
06/01/2003 Focusing on Today's Visit Tool
12/01/2002 'Oh, by the Way ...': Agenda Setting in Office Visits
06/01/2009 What Should You Do When Your Patient Brings a List?


08/01/2014 The Art of Medicine: Seven Skills That Promote Mastery Tool
12/01/2011 Communicating Bad News to Your Patients
10/01/2020 Emotional Intelligence: Five Ways to Have Better Interactions and Improve Your Work Life
10/01/2018 Four Evidence-Based Communication Strategies to Enhance Patient Care
02/01/2018 Getting to No: How to Respond to Inappropriate Patient Requests Tool
03/01/2008 Have You Really Addressed Your Patient's Concerns?
06/01/2007 How to Manage Difficult Patient Encounters
09/01/2006 Improving Communication With Older Patients: Tips From the Literature Tool
10/01/2019 Incivility in Health Care: Strategies for De-escalating Troubling Encounters
04/01/2021 A Method for Establishing Patient Rapport

Patient Goals & Adherence

04/01/2006 Can Your Patients Afford the Medications You Prescribe?
06/01/2011 Encouraging Patients to Change Unhealthy Behaviors With Motivational Interviewing
04/01/2013 Medication Adherence: We Didn't Ask and They Didn't Tell
06/01/2018 A Practical Approach to Screening for Social Determinants of Health
10/01/2016 Using Motivational Interviewing to Promote Healthy Weight

Patient Satisfaction

04/01/2002 Building a Mind-Set of Service Excellence Tool
06/01/2005 Five Tips for Generating Patient Satisfaction and Compliance
06/01/2008 How to See Your Practice Through Your Patients' Eyes
01/01/1999 Measuring Patient Satisfaction: How to Do It and Why to Bother Tool
02/01/2016 The Problem With Patient Satisfaction Scores
06/01/2016 Seven Principles for Improving Service and Patient Satisfaction
01/01/2007 What Do We Really Know About Patient Satisfaction?

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