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Family medicine may be a single specialty, but it comes in almost as many "flavors" as there are family physicians. This collection of articles is designed to display a variety of flavors of practice and give you a start in a practice that suits your taste.

Alternative Practice Options

02/01/2001 14 Alternative Practice Styles
01/01/2003 Choosing Between Clinical Practice and Administration
09/01/2002 A Job-Share Model for the New Millenium
03/01/2007 Is Moonlighting Right For You?
06/01/2004 Part-Time Practice: Making It Work
02/01/1999 A Physician's Guide to Locum Tenens

Direct Primary Care

See our "Direct Primary Care" topic collection

Employed Practice

See our "Employed Practice" topic collection

Independent and Solo Practice

See our "Independent and Solo Practice" topic collection

Innovative Practice Models

02/01/2006 Cash-Only Practice: Could It Work for You?
03/01/2002 Going Solo: One Doc, One Room, One Year Later
02/01/2008 A New Model of Charitable Care: The Robin Hood Practice

Job Hunting

08/01/2016 Employment Contracts for Family Physicians in an Evolving Market
08/01/2006 Finding the Perfect Job Tool
10/01/2015 Finding the Right Job: Two Key Issues
01/01/2001 Interviewing 101 Tool
12/01/2002 A Primer on Employment Contracts
12/01/2016 What Makes a Good CV? Tool

Leaving Practice

10/01/2018 How to Have a Good Goodbye
02/01/2002 It's Not Too Early to Prepare for Semi-Retirement
10/01/2005 A Must-Do List for the Departing Physician
12/01/2004 Negotiating Your Semi-Retirement Package

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Career Options in Family Medicine [AAFP]

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