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Rural Practice

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This article collection features FPM content addressing the special needs, challenges, and rewards of providing family medicine in rural and similarly underserved communities.

Last Update: 05/03/2021

Rural Practice Success

05/01/2000 A Bonus Deal From Medicare
06/01/2018 How to Be Happy in Practice for 30-Plus Years
09/01/2004 Making a Living and a Life
03/01/2000 A Model for Successful Rural Practice
05/01/2005 A New Identity for Family Medicine: Physicians for the Underserved
12/01/2013 Physicians Assemble: Integrating Small Groups to Preserve Independent Practice
06/01/2009 The Reality of Being a "Quaint" Country Doctor
10/01/2002 Ten Reasons to Be a Self-Employed Family Physician and Ten Ways to Do It
05/01/1998 Rural Practice and Managed Care: A Success Story
03/01/2003 Sharing Maternity Care
06/01/2021 Six Tips to Effectively Treat Opioid Use Disorder in Rural Areas
01/01/1998 Using Loan Abatement as a Rural Recruiting Tool

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