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Employed Practice

Practical essays on topics of interest to employed physicians.

November/December 2016 Issue
What Makes a Good CV?

Whether for your first job after residency or a career change, here are some keys to getting your curriculum vitae noticed by employers.

July/August 2016 Issue
Tackling Burnout in Employed Physicians

Looking for greater flexibility, influence, and self-care opportunities within your organization can help keep burnout at bay.

May/June 2016 Issue
Maximizing Your Medical Assistant's Role

Delegation, technology, and training enabled our MAs - and doctors - to grow.

March/April 2016 Issue
Beyond Work-Life "Balance"

Balance isn't sustainable, but perhaps we can achieve dynamic equilibrium.

January/February 2016 Issue
Be Present

When demands and distractions intrude on your patient encounters, practice these tips for being fully present.

November/December 2015 Issue
How to Be a Leader When You Are Not "the" Leader

You can grow your influence and help your organization succeed by applying this one leadership concept.

September/October 2015 Issue
Finding the Right Job: Two Key Issues

To find the right job, you have to ask the right questions about compensation and the work environment.

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