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Commentary from FPM's medical editor.

May/June 2022 Issue
Creating a Positive Clinic Culture

Making your clinic a place where people want to work has never been more important.

March/April 2022 Issue
What Do Patients Want?

One way to find out is to ask them via a patient advisory council.

January/February 2022 Issue
Thank You, FPM Peer Reviewers (2021)

A list of the FPM peer reviewers for 2021.

January/February 2022 Issue
Improving Time Management Through Modern-Day To-Do Lists

"It’s not enough to be busy; so are the ants. The question is, what are we busy about?" — Henry David Thoreau

November/December 2021 Issue
Combatting COVID-19 Information Overload

In the digital age, patients sometimes have the same access to the latest information as family physicians. But they still need us to filter it for them.

September/October 2021 Issue
Tips for Writing Effective CVs and Cover Letters

Putting a little extra effort into these materials can help you make a good first impression with potential employers.

July/August 2021 Issue
Addressing Administrative Simplification

Physicians are spending too much time on paperwork and EHR-related tasks, but what can be done?

May/June 2021 Issue
Integrating Behavioral Health Into Primary Care

Integrating behavioral health improves patient outcomes and makes medical practice more satisfying. Here’s one way to do it.

March/April 2021 Issue
Care Management and the Quadruple Aim

Care management not only addresses the Triple Aim. It could also help improve our work life.

January/February 2021 Issue
Systemic Racism and Health Disparities: A Statement from Editors of Family Medicine Journals

Today there is a renewed call to action for family medicine to both confront systemic racism and eliminate health disparities.

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