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The Last Word

Personal essays on the practice of family medicine.

November/December 2018 Issue
What Makes a Doctor Truly Great

This one skill separates the good from the great.

September/October 2018 Issue
How to Have a Good Goodbye

When it's time to move on because of a new job, or a life change, these six things can help you say goodbye well.

July/August 2018 Issue
Five Ways to Cultivate Resilience

Resilience is a powerful weapon against burnout.

May/June 2018 Issue
How to Be Happy in Practice for 30-Plus Years

These eight lessons can help you avoid burnout and enjoy medicine.

March/April 2018 Issue
What to Do When Emotions Run High in the Exam Room

Step one: Don't ignore it.

January/February 2018 Issue
Is It Ethical to Accept Gifts From Patients?

To make the right decision, first consider the patient’s motives.

November/December 2017 Issue
How to Make Friends With Urgent Care

Most of our patients will eventually seek urgent care, so we need to get along.

September/October 2017 Issue
Creating a Space Where Doctors Can Be Vulnerable

We shouldn't try to carry the stress of patient care alone.

September/October 2017 Issue
Remission! What Surviving Cancer Has Taught Me

Months of brutal chemotherapy will teach you a few things about yourself, your calling, and your community.

July/August 2017 Issue
The Key to Getting Through Chemo

Yes, you need a good doctor, but one other thing is equally as important.

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