Health care system, general

May 2003 Issue
Perverse Incentives, Perverted System [Editor's Page]

Argues that the mal-aligned incentives offered to health care providers in the current system are perverse and require special action on the part of physicians to generate anything like a healthy outcome.

Oct 2002 Issue
The Elephant in the Room [Editorial]

Complains that boutique medicine gets undeserved attention while truly important issues such as health care for all go undiscussed.

Jan 2002 Issue
Building a New Health Care System [Editor's Page]

Reports on Don Berwick's plenary speech at the 2002 National Forum on Quality, focusing on the argument that there's no excuse for not trying to improve what you can improve in the system.

Jan 2002 Issue
Race and Preventive Services Delivery [Improving Patient Care]

The article, part of a continuing series on the Direct Observation of Primary Care study, will explore how race impacts the delivery of preventive services and how family physicians can improve preventive care to all populations.

Sep 2001 Issue
Family Practice Between the Waves [Editor's Page]

Argues that managed care and integration hit family practice like a huge wave, leaving the specialty wallowing and damaged in a trough between waves and that the circumstance is promoting lots of experimentation.

Mar 2001 Issue
Finally, a Medical Miracle [Editor's Page]

Complains about an outrageous newspaper ad for electron-beam tomography

Jan 2001 Issue
The Future of Health Care Financing [Feature]

In most sectors of the U.S. economy, consumers control their dollars. What if that were to happen in health care?

Nov-Dec 2000 Issue
How Do You Like Your Universal Coverage? [Editor's Page]

Urges readers to read and comment on the Academy's universal coverage discussion paper.

Jul-Aug 2000 Issue
Is Universal Coverage the American Way? [Feature]

Seven physician organizations think so, and they're joining forces to place universal coverage on the national agenda this election year.

May 2000 Issue
Building for Tomorrow: The Idealized Design of Clinical Office Practices [Editorial]

A response to the article in this issue by Kilo and Endsley.

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