Electronic health records

Jun 2008 Issue
EHR Meltdown: How to Protect Your Patient Data [Feature]

Do you think your electronic data is safe just because you have a backup plan in place? These authors found out how wrong that can be.

May 2008 Issue
Making a Case for Online Physician-Patient Communication [Feature]

It can improve communications, practice efficiency and maybe even the bottom line. Just don't expect all your patients to join you online … yet.

Apr 2008 Issue
Why Teamwork Will Make or Break Your Practice [Opinion]

Without it, practice transformation and optimal outcomes will be difficult to achieve.

Mar 2008 Issue
e-Nirvana: Are We There Yet? [Opinion]

Health information technology may revolutionize care … someday.

Feb 2008 Issue
User Satisfaction With EHRs: Report of a Survey of 422 Family Physicians [Feature]

If you're thinking of moving to electronic records, the results of this survey may help.

Jul-Aug 2007 Issue
Improving Care With an Automated Patient History [Feature]

The best way to fill your EHR with patient data might be to let your patients do it themselves.

May 2007 Issue
Sharing the Fruits of EHR Experience [From the Editor]

Family physicians have accumulated a wealth of EHR wisdom. The trick is to get it to those who need it.

Apr 2007 Issue
Electronic Health Records: The 2007 FPM User-Satisfaction Survey [Feature]

If you already use an electronic health record system, here's your chance to help your colleagues who haven't yet made the leap.

Mar 2007 Issue
EHRs Fix Everything - and Nine Other Myths [Feature]

Realistic expectations can help your conversion to electronic health records succeed.

Feb 2007 Issue
How to Successfully Navigate Your EHR Implementation [Feature]

These clues can help you avoid the pitfalls you'll encounter on your EHR journey.

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