Electronic health records

Mar 2001 Issue
Electronic Medical Records: 10 Questions I Didn't Know to Ask [Feature]

Buying an EMR system? No matter how great it seems to be, get good answers to these questions before you buy.

Jan 2001 Issue
Electronic Medical Records: The FPM Vendor Survey [Feature]

The advent of Internet-based EMR systems gives you new options. Here we report on 23 conventional systems and five Internet-based ones.

Jan 2001 Issue
The EMR: Not Just a Computerized Chart [Editor's Page]

Suggests that an EMR is much more than "the electronic equivalent of a chart" -- that it opens the way for functionality not normally associated with the patient record

Jun 2000 Issue
How a Salaried FP Computerized His Practice -- on His Own [Feature]

Not ready for a full-blown electronic medical record? You can do a lot of computerization with a little investment of time and money.

Jun 2000 Issue
Toward Electronic Medical Records for the Small Practice [Editor's Page]

Discusses the financial problem that vendors want to sell expensive EMR systems that FPs think they want but can't afford, thus leaving most practices without any EMR.

Nov-Dec 1999 Issue
Avoiding Common Pitfalls in Selecting an EMR System [Computers]

This article will address common misconceptions about what can and can't be accomplished by switching to computerized patient records.

Mar 1999 Issue
Practicing Without Paper [Feature]

Using information technology, this Texas practice is working smarter and serving patients better.

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