Oct 2002 Issue
Good Medicine: E-Prescribing [Computers]

This article profiles one family practice's experience with electronic prescribing, describes the benefits and pitfalls of incorporating it into daily practice and addresses its usefulness as a tool for reducing prescription errors.

Jun 2002 Issue
Security Software for Hand-Held Computers [Computers]

The article provides an overview of the different software programs available for securing information stored on PDAs and also describes why users should install one of these programs.

May 2002 Issue
Coding and Billing Software for Palm-Top Computers [Feature]

Your PDA can help you code more efficiently and accurately.

Oct 2001 Issue
Downloading Applications for Your PDA [Computers]

The author provides step-by-step instructions for downloading medical information, databases, charts, forms and more from the Internet to a personal digital assistant.

Jun 2001 Issue
How a Palm-Top Computer Can Help You at the Point of Care [Computers]

The author explains how he has incorporated a PDA into his day-to-day practice and discusses some applications and how he uses them.

Oct 2000 Issue
Getting a Lock on Patient Confidentiality With E-Mail Encryption [Feature]

How can you be sure that patient information you share electronically with other physicians is not as accessible as a note on a postcard?

Sep 2000 Issue
A Palm-Top Computer in Every Practice? [Computers]

This article will give an overview of hand-held computers and provide practical tips for using them in physician practices.

Jun 2000 Issue
Lowering the Cost of Practice Management [Computers]

This is the second in the eHealth series, and it will cover the advantages of using Web-based practice management software vs. client-server software.

Jan 2000 Issue
Expect More From the Internet [Computers]

This story will describe eHealth and what it can mean for physicians. Follow-up articles in this series will cover specific eHealth trends and how they will help family physicians and their practices over the next few years.

May 1999 Issue
Organize Your Data With Microsoft Excel [Computers]

This installment in an ongoing series on using computers will offer tips for using Microsoft's Excel spreadsheet program in a medical practice.

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