Apr 2004 Issue
Teaching Kindness [Balancing Act]

The author discusses the value of kindness in medical care and explains why he teaches his FP residents to practice medicine with kindness and objectivity.

Feb 2004 Issue
The Fine Art of Refusal [Balancing Act]

Learning to say "no" to unreasonable patient requests is an important part of being a good physician. The author teaches readers several methods for saying "no" gracefully and with conviction.

Sep 2003 Issue
Eight Ways to Improve Your Relationships [Balancing Act]

In the second part of this two-part series, the author discusses the criteria he recommends using to assess the state of a physician's marriage as well as "tools" to use to strengthen a marriage.

Jul-Aug 2003 Issue
Eight Principles for Stronger Relationships [Balancing Act]

In the first of a two-part series, the author provides some basic principles of marriage (e.g., maintain boundaries, acknowledge that relationships go through phases, etc.) in order to help physicians focus on and improve their own marriages, if necessary.

May 2003 Issue
Caring for Frequent-Visit Patients [Feature]

Patients who keep coming back often require physicians to walk the line between diagnosis and judgment.

Apr 2003 Issue
Keeping the Human Touch [Balancing Act]

According to the author, "trust is the glue that binds patient to physician." To strengthen that trust, he offers 10 guidelines physicians begin using immediately to achieve a more positive relationship with their patients.

Jan 2003 Issue
Staying in the Loop at Work [Balancing Act]

Physicians who feel connected to the people they work with often report greater job satisfaction and less burnout. The author, a family physician, offers tips for building better relationships with colleagues.

Jan 2003 Issue
Implementing Change: From Ideas to Reality [Feature]

How do you get your group to defy the status quo and act on good ideas? It starts with vision, teamwork and some fire in the belly.

Nov-Dec 2002 Issue
'Oh, by the Way ...': Agenda Setting in Office Visits [Improving Patient Care]

The article will explain how physicians can deal with patients who present with lists of complaints and how managing these lists effectively can improve patient care.

Nov-Dec 2002 Issue
Serving Up the Feedback Sandwich [Feature]

Negative feedback is never easy to give, but sandwiching criticism between layers of praise makes it more palatable and more effective.

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