Fraud and abuse

July/August 2018 Issue
Patient Inducements: The New Dos and Don'ts [Feature]

The limits on giving free goods and services to Medicare and Medicaid patients are complex. Here’s how to avoid regulatory trouble.

November/December 2013 Issue
How to Survive an EHR Meaningful Use Audit [Feature]

Creating and keeping the right documents is key to answering reviewers' questions about electronic health record compliance.

November/December 2011 Issue
Is Your Practice at Risk for Fraud? [Feature]

Without reasonable controls, you may be inviting embezzlement.

Feb 2006 Issue
Minimizing the Risk of Financial Fraud [Feature]

Implementing internal controls in your practice will help you stop embezzlement and keep what you earn.

Feb 2001 Issue
Waiving Co-payments and Deductibles for Indigent Patients [Getting Paid]

The article explains clarifications to the anti-kickback statute that were recently issued by the Office of Inspector General. The focus is on waiver of copayments for indigent patients.

Jan 2001 Issue
Seven Steps to Medicare Compliance [Feature]

The OIG’s voluntary compliance guidance can help your solo or small group practice prevent fraud and abuse.

Jul-Aug 2000 Issue
Is Your Space Rental Arrangement Fraudulent? [Getting Paid]

This article will describe a recent fraud alert issued by the Office of Inspector General affecting physicians who rent space in their offices to companies that sell medical supplies and devices.

Sep 1998 Issue
A Quick Review of Reassignment Can Help Avert Fraud Accusations [Medicare Update]

The author explains the Medicare policy on reassignment, the exceptions and why it's important in the current climate of increased fraud and abuse enforcement.

Jul-Aug 1998 Issue
Protect Your Practice With a Medicare and Medicaid Compliance Program [Feature]

Implementing a formal plan can help prevent fraud and reduce the likelihood of significant penalties, but remember that one size fits one.

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