Malpractice and liability

Jul-Aug 2007 Issue
The Art of Apology: When and How to Seek Forgiveness [Feature]

If a medical mistake in your practice is worthy of an apology, make sure you offer it skillfully.

May 2007 Issue
How High-Low Agreements Work in a Malpractice Case [Feature]

They can offer protection and predictability if you're ever faced with the prospect of a huge jury award.

Jun 2006 Issue
34 Pieces of Advice Worth Repeating [From the Editor]

You know it's really good advice if you want to hear it again.

Jun 2006 Issue
Don't Be a Target for a Malpractice Suit [Feature]

Protect yourself with these tips from a family physician who has successfully defended his care and that of other physicians.

Nov-Dec 2005 Issue
Choosing the Right Practice Entity [Feature]

How you structure your practice can have big consequences when it comes to liability and taxes.

Oct 2005 Issue
A Must-Do List for the Departing Physician [Feature]

From tail coverage to giving notice, here’s how to prepare yourself, your partners and your patients for your departure.

Nov-Dec 2004 Issue
Do You Have the Right Malpractice Insurance Policy? [Feature]

Here’s how to make sure your expensive policy doesn’t contain any unpleasant surprises.

Mar 2003 Issue
How Do You Manage Your Malpractice Risk? [Editor's Page]

Invites readers to submit tips to supplement Roberts article in this issue.

Mar 2003 Issue
Seven Reasons Family Doctors Get Sued and How to Reduce Your Risk [Feature]

By adopting a risk-management mind-set, physicians can avert not only malpractice claims but also patient injury.

Jan 2003 Issue
Providing Charity Care: A Primer on Liability Risk [Feature]

If there’s a bright spot in the medical liability system, it’s in the laws protecting physicians who volunteer to care for the uninsured.

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