Patient rights

January/February 2019 Issue
Protecting Adolescent Patient Privacy: Four Key Questions [Feature]

When an adolescent patient requests confidential services, here’s what you need to know about their rights and your responsibilities.

September/October 2018 Issue
The Case for Medical Chaperones [Opinion]

It's time for more discussion about how best to incorporate chaperones in primary care.

March/April 2014 Issue
Incorporating Medical Interpretation Into Your Practice [Feature]

Making sure you can understand your patients not only improves their care but avoids legal trouble.

Jul-Aug 2008 Issue
Paging Dr. Colombo: When Physicians Become Instruments of the Law [Opinion]

What do you do when the law and your Hippocratic Oath come into conflict?

Apr 2005 Issue
Ten Steps to HIPAA Security Compliance [Feature]

Protecting your patients’ health information is more difficult and more important than ever. The author’s strategy will help you meet this month’s deadline.

Nov-Dec 2002 Issue
The HIPAA Privacy Rule: Answers to Frequently Asked Questions [Feature]

How will the privacy rule affect your practice? We took that question and others to a health care attorney to find out.

Jul-Aug 2001 Issue
Forget HIPAA; Think of Your Patients [Editor's Page]

Introduces the cover story on HIPAA security regulations, urges readers not to panic about HIPAA. Includes a box soliciting members of the Panel of Reader Representatives.

Jun 2001 Issue
Making Sense of Health Plan Denials [Feature]

The first step to understanding and responding to denials is recognizing the difference between medical necessity and medical benefits.

Mar 2001 Issue
What You Need to Know About HIPAA Now [Feature]

Now that the final privacy rules have been published, your practice can’t afford to ignore this legislation.

Oct 2000 Issue
Getting a Lock on Patient Confidentiality With E-Mail Encryption [Feature]

How can you be sure that patient information you share electronically with other physicians is not as accessible as a note on a postcard?

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