Risk management

Mar 2003 Issue
How Do You Manage Your Malpractice Risk? [Editor's Page]

Invites readers to submit tips to supplement Roberts article in this issue.

Jan 2003 Issue
Providing Charity Care: A Primer on Liability Risk [Feature]

If there’s a bright spot in the medical liability system, it’s in the laws protecting physicians who volunteer to care for the uninsured.

Oct 2002 Issue
Understanding the Physician Liability Insurance Crisis [Feature]

Just when you thought declining reimbursement and rising expenses had squeezed your practice dry, liability insurance premiums began to climb dramatically. Here’s what’s behind the increases.

Jul-Aug 2001 Issue
Depositions: Defending Your Care [Feature]

If you’re sued for malpractice, follow these safe deposition tips and you may not have to go to court.

May 2001 Issue
Coping With the Stress of Being Sued [Feature]

Malpractice accusations can be emotionally devastating. Here's how to withstand the pressure.

Oct 2000 Issue
Documenting High-Risk Cases to Avoid Malpractice Liability [Feature]

You're at the highest risk of malpractice suits when dealing with these five clinical conditions. Full documentation can help.

Oct 2000 Issue
Navigating the Patient Appeals Process [Feature]

When faced with a health plan denial, work with your patient to appeal the decision.

Mar 2000 Issue
Documentation Tips for Reducing Malpractice Risk [Feature]

You can improve the quality of your communication and decrease malpractice risk with this revised version of SOAP.

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