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November/December 2020 Issue
Improving Physician Well-Being Through Organizational Change [Feature]

Wellness Wednesdays and yoga breaks aren’t sufficient. Here’s how health care organizations can begin to address physician well-being.

September/October 2020 Issue
Creating Intentional Professional Connections to Reduce Loneliness, Isolation, and Burnout [Feature]

Pretending we have it together and can do it all on our own is the fastest way to professional isolation and burnout. Fortunately, there’s a better way.

July/August 2020 Issue
Developing Your Professional Career Plan [Feature]

The key to a fulfilling career is to know what’s important to you — from your mission, identity, and direction to family, fun, and finances — and then pursue that.

January/February 2020 Issue
Why Family Physicians Should Not "Just" Be Family Physicians: Rethinking Roles in Community Health Centers and Beyond [Opinion]

In some settings, the cause of burnout isn’t having too much work — it’s having the wrong type of work.

September/October 2019 Issue
Keeping It Fresh [From the Editor]

Variety in our daily work may be a way to improve care and satisfaction with practicing medicine.

September/October 2019 Issue
Beyond Burnout: Addressing System-Induced Distress [Opinion]

To describe the current phenomenon, we need a better term that puts the blame where it belongs and reminds us that the problem is responsive to multiple treatment strategies.

July/August 2019 Issue
A New Approach to New Physician Orientation: Six Key Components [Feature]

In an era of patient-centered medical homes and value-based care, the old approach to physician orientation just doesn’t cut it.

May/June 2019 Issue
A New Lexicon for Physicians: A Poem for Physicians Who Care [The Last Word]

What if EHRs, MIPS, and MACRA all stood for something else--something truly meaningful?

March/April 2019 Issue
Rediscovering the Secret of Quality [From the Editor]

It’s probably not what you think.

March/April 2019 Issue
Creating a Culture of Intrinsic Motivation [The Last Word]

External motivators don’t work for long.

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