Time management

May/June 2012 Issue
The Problem With Multitasking [The Last Word]

Could multitasking actually decrease your intelligence and productivity?

September/October 2011 Issue
A Life Checkup [The Last Word]

When was the last time you took an honest look at your life?

May-Jun 2009 Issue
What Should You Do When Your Patient Brings a List? [Feature]

Follow these five steps if your patient unfurls a long list of issues to discuss at today's visit.

Jul-Aug 2007 Issue
Making the Most of the Daily Commute [The Last Word]

Technology can make your commuting time more productive, but don't underestimate the value of simply watching the trees go by.

Feb 2005 Issue
Making the Most of Every Minute [Balancing Act]

Physians often have less than 15 minutes to spend with each patient. The author shares advice on how to make the most of short patient visits, such as not rushing through a physical exam, asking questions and maintaining eye contact.

Nov-Dec 2004 Issue
Using Updates to Ease Your Workday and Your Mind [Balancing Act]

The author, a time-management expert, describes how to use the updating technique to better manage multiple projects and enhance communication with colleagues.

Mar 2004 Issue
Rediscovering the Paper Planner [Balancing Act]

The author, a time management expert, explains why people are giving up their PDAs and returning to paper planning. She also provides instructions for getting the best of both worlds by combining paper and electronic scheduling.

May 2003 Issue
Forget About Time Management [Balancing Act]

The author, a time-management expert, advocates giving up traditional time-management techniques like multi-tasking and instead focus on learning how to control one's attention in order to remain productive in today's world of competing priorities.

Feb 2003 Issue
Organizing Your Desk [Balancing Act]

A time-management expert offers physicians tips for taking control of the growing volume of paperwork and reading materials that they must deal with so that it doesn't add stress to their busy lives.

Mar 2002 Issue
Time Management Tips That Work [Balancing Act]

The author - a time-management expert and a frequent speaker at the AAFP Scientific Assembly -- provides doctors with some best practices for maximizing time and efficiency.

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