Work-life balance

Jun 2004 Issue
Part-Time Practice: Making It Work [Feature]

Find out how and why growing numbers of family physicians are working less.

May 2004 Issue
Blending Work and Family [Balancing Act]

Although some physicians try to balance their busy lives by setting clear boundaries between work and home, this physician explains how she benefits from letting her professional and personal lives overlap.

Oct 2003 Issue
The Day Care Stare [Balancing Act]

The author, a family physician, discusses the difficulties of balancing a professional career with the responsibilities of motherhood.

Sep 2003 Issue
Eight Ways to Improve Your Relationships [Balancing Act]

In the second part of this two-part series, the author discusses the criteria he recommends using to assess the state of a physician's marriage as well as "tools" to use to strengthen a marriage.

Jul-Aug 2003 Issue
Eight Principles for Stronger Relationships [Balancing Act]

In the first of a two-part series, the author provides some basic principles of marriage (e.g., maintain boundaries, acknowledge that relationships go through phases, etc.) in order to help physicians focus on and improve their own marriages, if necessary.

Apr 2003 Issue
Making Family Practice Doable in Everyday Life [Feature]

Having trouble coping with the demands of your profession? Self-examination can make your work more meaningful and manageable.

Oct 2002 Issue
Taking Time Out [Balancing Act]

Some physicians take regularly scheduled "retreats" as a means to prevent burn out and stay enthusiastic about medicine. This article discusses the benefits of taking personal retreats and provides direction for those interested in incorporating retreats into their lives.

Sep 2002 Issue
A Job-Share Model for the New Millenium [Feature]

This approach to family practice assures continuity of care for your patients as well as a healthy life balance and a decent paycheck for you.

Jun 2002 Issue
Adding a Dose of Levity to Practice [Balancing Act]

A little levity and a sense of humor may help prevent burnout and give physicians the perspective they need to deal with the difficulties of practicing medicine today.

May 2002 Issue
Reconnecting With the Joy of Medicine [Balancing Act]

The authors show how to rediscover the meaning of practicing medicine by learning to identify your personal needs and values.

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