Work-life balance

Mar 1999 Issue
Tips for Life Balance and Time Management [Balancing Act]

This time management consultant offers family physicians her 10 most effective tips for managing time more wisely.

Feb 1999 Issue
A Physician's Guide to Locum Tenens [Feature]

If you've ever been curious about this unique practice option, here's how one family physician made it work.

Jan 1999 Issue
Nine Keys to Better Recruiting [Feature]

You'll get professional results with the author's time-tested tips.

Jan 1999 Issue
Six Ways to Make Play a Priority [Balancing Act]

This time management consultant offers family physicians basic guidelines on how to get in the habit of scheduling and taking advantage of personal/recreational time.

Nov-Dec 1998 Issue
How You Can Keep Your Generation Xers on Staff [Staff Management]

This article will examine the attitudinal differences among people in the WWII generation, Baby Boomers, and Generation Xers and will suggest ways that physicians of the older generations can manage young staff members more effectively.

Jul-Aug 1998 Issue
Five Ways to Say 'No' Effectively [Balancing Act]

This time management expert explains eight different approaches to saying no. The objective of the article is to help family physicians stay in control of their time and focused on their highest priorities.

Apr 1998 Issue
Restoring the Balance: The Sabbatical Year of a Family Physician [Feature]

A 12-month respite gave this family physician a new perspective on his personal and professional lives — and on himself.

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