Health plan contracts

November/December 2021 Issue
How to Succeed in Value-Based Care [Feature]

Identifying your patients, sorting them by risk, and managing their chronic conditions as a team can help you make the most of value-based care programs

Nov-Dec 2009 Issue
What If Quiznos Were Run Like Health Care? [The Last Word]

Good luck getting paid for those chips and sandwiches at the time of service.

Jun 2008 Issue
How to Say Goodbye to Medicare [Feature]

With another payment cut looming, opting out of Medicare may be worth considering.

Jan 2007 Issue
Grade Your Payers: The Final Call for Survey Responses [Feature]

Take our survey online or on paper by March 1 to grade your health plans on their payment rates, claims processing, contracts and more.

Nov-Dec 2006 Issue
Negotiating a Contract With a Health Plan [Feature]

You'll manage the process confidently if you ask these questions before it starts.

Oct 2006 Issue
Grade Your Payers: The AAFP/FPM Survey of Physicians' Experiences With Third-Party Payers [Feature]

More and more health plans are grading physicians on their performance. Now, it’s time for physicians to grade their health plans.

Oct 2006 Issue
Managed Care Administrative Tasks: Cutting the Red Tape [Feature]

Your job is difficult enough without the barriers of managed care. Are you doing what you can to reduce the hassles?

Oct 2006 Issue
Hand Your Health Plans a Report Card [From the Editor]

Here’s your chance to say what you think about your payers – and make your words count.

Apr 2006 Issue
Same-Day E/M Services: What to Do When a Health Plan Won't Pay [Feature]

These ideas will help you deal with the difficult consequences of this common policy.

Oct 2004 Issue
Can You Negotiate Better Reimbursement? [Feature]

With the right data and a reasonable approach, you can overcome some inequities in payers’ fee schedules.

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