Chronic care

May/June 2011 Issue
Special Issue: Chronic Illness Care [From the Editor]

You need teamwork, data and a new approach to involving your patients.

March/April 2011 Issue
Four Strategies for Promoting Healthy Lifestyles in Your Practice [Feature]

When practices promote fitness as the treatment of choice for all patients, good things happen.

November/December 2010 Issue
What a Patient's Numbers Don't Tell [The Last Word]

Sometimes, what matters most is how far a patient has come.

September/October 2010 Issue
Health Coaching for Patients With Chronic Illness [Feature]

Does your practice “give patients a fish” or “teach patients to fish”?

Sep-Oct 2009 Issue
Five Communication Strategies to Promote Self-Management of Chronic Illness [Feature]

How you communicate with your patients can enhance – or inhibit – their ability to manage their chronic illnesses.

Apr 2008 Issue
A New Approach to Group Visits: Helping High-Need Patients Make Behavioral Change [Feature]

The most difficult patients have one thing in common: They need to change their health habits. Group visits can help them.

Mar 2008 Issue
Beyond EHRs: How Technology Can Help You Treat Chronic Illness [Feature]

New tools may soon connect you to your patients at home.

May 2006 Issue
Escaping the Tyranny of the Urgent by Delivering Planned Care [Feature]

These four components can help you provide care that is more proactive, organized and satisfying.

May 2006 Issue
Planned Care: Some Assembly Required [From the Editor]

(But each piece is useful in itself.)

Apr 2006 Issue
Using a Simple Patient Registry to Improve Your Chronic Disease Care [Feature]

Who needs an EHR? Software you already have can help you make sure your patients get the care they need.

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