March/April 2020 Issue
Looking Beyond Diagnostic Criteria [The Last Word]

The power of family medicine is seeing patients as more than just signs and symptoms.

January/February 2020 Issue
Listening to the Little Voice Inside [The Last Word]

That nagging little voice can sometimes save you from a medical mistake, so don’t ignore it.

May/June 2017 Issue
How a Doctor Acting as His Primary Care Physician, With a Little Luck, Tracked Down His Own Cancer [The Last Word]

It started with a cough.

March/April 2017 Issue
Improving Daily Practice With Four Medical Apps [SPPACES: App Reviews]

These mobile apps can help physicians and patients with treatment recommendations, treatment adherence, and smoking cessation.

March/April 2016 Issue
Screening Your Adult Patients for Depression [Feature]

Family physicians are well-placed to catch depression in patients early – and get reimbursed for it.

May/June 2015 Issue
Blinded by a Patient's Age [The Last Word]

When you see an 18-year-old patient, you don't expect to deliver bad news.

May/June 2014 Issue
ICD-10 Coding for the Undiagnosed Problem [Feature]

To find the correct code for a symptom, sign, or test result, pay close attention to ICD-10's exclusion, code-first, and inclusion notes.

May/June 2013 Issue
"All I Wanted Was Something for the Cough" [The Last Word]

Is the health system in your community truly focused on what the patient wants? Are you sure?

May/June 2013 Issue
The Use of Symptom Diaries in Outpatient Care [Feature]

Symptom diaries can help organize the details of a patient's history.

May 2008 Issue
The Art and Science of Clinical Decision Making [Feature]

Thinking about how you make clinical decisions is the first step toward making better ones.

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