Patient adherence

January/February 2022 Issue
The Vaccine Dilemma [The Last Word]

In this short poem, a physician processes the dilemma of caring for patients who won’t take advice when it comes to vaccination.

March/April 2021 Issue
A Method for Establishing Patient Rapport [The Last Word]

It starts with being mindful — not only of what we say, but also of how it is being heard.

May/June 2019 Issue
A Practical Approach to Reducing Patients' Prescription Costs [Feature]

A single screening question and an arsenal of cost-reducing strategies can help you help your patients afford their medications.

July/August 2018 Issue
Teach-Back: A Simple Technique to Enhance Patients' Understanding [Feature]

Half of patients leave their visit without understanding what their physician told them, but this simple technique can help.

November/December 2017 Issue
Back to Basics: Five Steps to Better Influenza Vaccination Rates [Feature]

Getting more patients immunized against the flu does not require complicated strategies.

September/October 2017 Issue
How to Talk to Reluctant Patients About the Flu Shot [Feature]

This three-step framework can help you address patients' concerns about influenza immunization.

May/June 2017 Issue
Using Alcohol Screening and Brief Intervention to Address Patients' Risky Drinking [Feature]

Asking patients about their drinking habits is a straightforward way to boost health and revenue.

November/December 2016 Issue
Using Health Confidence to Improve Patient Outcomes [Feature]

Tracking patient engagement is a key step to enhancing health and reducing costs.

September/October 2016 Issue
Using Motivational Interviewing to Promote Healthy Weight [Feature]

Encouraging patients to talk about their goals rather than their obstacles can lead to long-term change.

September/October 2016 Issue
Practical Ways to Improve Medication Adherence [The Last Word]

Half of our patients do not take their medications, but we can change that.

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