Patient relations

Mar 2004 Issue
Understanding Your Medical Bills [Patient Education]

Patient education piece designed to help the patient understand how to read and understand doctor's bills and statements from their insurance companies.

Mar 2004 Issue
When Customer Service and Patient Care Collide [Editorial]

Feb 2004 Issue
The Fine Art of Refusal [Balancing Act]

Learning to say "no" to unreasonable patient requests is an important part of being a good physician. The author teaches readers several methods for saying "no" gracefully and with conviction.

Nov-Dec 2003 Issue
The Chivalrous Physician [Balancing Act]

The author, a family physician, discusses the art of chivalry and how practicing it with patients and colleagues can strengthen relationships and improve professional satisfaction.

May 2003 Issue
Caring for Frequent-Visit Patients [Feature]

Patients who keep coming back often require physicians to walk the line between diagnosis and judgment.

Apr 2003 Issue
Keeping the Human Touch [Balancing Act]

According to the author, "trust is the glue that binds patient to physician." To strengthen that trust, he offers 10 guidelines physicians begin using immediately to achieve a more positive relationship with their patients.

Nov-Dec 2002 Issue
'Oh, by the Way ...': Agenda Setting in Office Visits [Improving Patient Care]

The article will explain how physicians can deal with patients who present with lists of complaints and how managing these lists effectively can improve patient care.

Nov-Dec 2002 Issue
How to Cope If You Feel Attracted to a Patient [Balancing Act]

The author, a clinical psychologist, describes how physician burnout can manifest in being attracted to a patient and what can be done about it.

Jul-Aug 2002 Issue
The Power of Two: Improving Patient Safety Through Better Physician-Patient Communication [Improving Patient Care]

The article presents a patient handout, developed by the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, that explains to patients how they can help their doctors provide better care.

May 2002 Issue
Dealing With Patients Who Don't Pay [Getting Paid]

Presents strategies that staff can use when dealing with patients who don't want to pay their copayments or other balances at the time of service.

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