Patient relations

Mar 2000 Issue
Is the Doctor-Patient Relationship Finally Growing Up? [Editor's Page]

Takes off from cover story to speculate about the maturation of the physician-patient relationship into one where both physician and patient are ready to treat the other as an adult.

Jan 1999 Issue
Why I Fired My Family Doctor [Feature]

This patient's experience teaches lessons that at least one FP apparently hasn't learned.

Jan 1999 Issue
Strengthening Relationships With Your Patients [Feature]

Jan 1999 Issue
Getting Patients Off Hold and Online [Feature]

Using e-mail and the Web to connect with patients may sound like a hassle, but it can make patients' lives easier — and yours, too.

Jan 1999 Issue
FPM Articles on Patient Relations [Feature]

For tips on conducting efficient office visits, enhancing physician-patient communications and more, look to the archives of Family Practice Management.

Jan 1999 Issue
How Does Your Practice Sound on the Phone? [Feature]

Many patients derive their impression of your practice from telephone contacts. Here are tips for doing a better job.

Feb 1998 Issue
Reducing New Patients' Anxiety During the First Visit [Communication Skills]

The authors discuss techniques used to create positive encounters with new patients and offers a sample practice philosophy statement and an adult health questionnaire that can be given to patients on their first visit.

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