Physician compensation

Jul-Aug 2007 Issue
Practice a Half Century Ago and Now [From the Editor]

What good old days? You're $1.35 an hour better off today.

Jul-Aug 2005 Issue
What Makes a High-Earning Family Physician? [Getting Paid]

The author reports the results of an AAFP survey of 730 members conducted to see what factors separated the high earners ($160,000 or more) from the low earners ($100,000 or less). The strongest influence was number of patient visits.

May 2005 Issue
Is the New Model of Family Medicine Financially Viable? [Feature]

Findings from the Future of Family Medicine project suggest the New Model could boost your income or enable you to work fewer hours.

Apr 2003 Issue
Anatomy of the Medicare Appeals Process [Getting Paid]

The law has made significant structural and procedural changes in the Medicare appeals process. This article outlines those changes.

Nov-Dec 2002 Issue
A Primer on Employment Contracts [Salaried FP]

This article identifies and defines the key terms contained in most physicians' employment contracts.

May 2002 Issue
A Productivity Primer [Salaried FP]

The author describes the different ways physician productivity is currently being measured and how those measurements are being used.

Sep 2000 Issue
Implementing a New Plan to Compensate Physicians [Feature]

This small family practice learned that it's a big jump from theory to reality when they made the transition to a new compensation plan.

Apr 2000 Issue
Sharpen Your Salary Negotiation Skills With Leverage [Salaried FP]

This article describes the types of leverage physicians have and how to use it during a job search and contract negotiations.

Jan 2000 Issue
Negotiation Gambits [Salaried FP]

The author describes techniques for negotiating using scenarios that physicians commonly encounter.

Jul-Aug 1999 Issue
Bonuses and Incentives: Three Key Questions [Salaried FP]

This article is the second of a two-part series offering advice to employed family physicians about how to evaluate various bonuses and incentives as part of their compensation packages.

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