Physician compensation

Jun 1999 Issue
Developing a Successful Medical Group [Feature]

Among the key ingredients are physician ownership, a strong strategic direction and a commitment to high-quality patient care.

Jun 1999 Issue
Evaluating Bonuses and Incentives: The Basics [Salaried FP]

This article is the first of a two-part series offering advice to employed family physicians about how to evaluate various bonuses and incentives as part of their compensation packages.

Apr 1999 Issue
When Practice Styles Clash [Editor's Page]

Introduces Gillette article in this issue; invites readers to respond.

Feb 1999 Issue
Ground Rules for Dealing With Health Care Plans [Feature]

A new AAFP document maps out the high ground for family physicians' relationships with managed care organizations.

Jan 1999 Issue
Nine Keys to Better Recruiting [Feature]

You'll get professional results with the author's time-tested tips.

Nov-Dec 1998 Issue
(Small) Trends in Physician Compensation [FP Stat]

Nov-Dec 1998 Issue
What the Hospitalist Movement Means to Family Physicians [Feature]

The jury's still out on how hospitalists affect patient care, but many family physicians are choosing to give up hospital service before the verdict comes in.

Oct 1998 Issue
In Search of an Effective Physician Compensation Formula [Feature]

Compensation may not be simple, but it can be (mostly) fair — even motivating. Here's the plan one family physician devised for his group.

Mar 1998 Issue
Managed Care Smiles on Primary Care [FP Stat]

Could managed care actually be boosting the incomes of primary care physicians?

Jan 1998 Issue
Primary Care Pay Growth Takes a Dip [FP Stat]

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