Jul-Aug 2006 Issue
How to Plan an Open House for Your Practice [Feature]

An open house can help you attract new patients and retain existing ones. Here’s how to pull it off in five simple steps.

Jul-Aug 2005 Issue
Caring for Children: Re-examining the Family Physician's Role [Feature]

New research suggests that the care of children has become less central to family medicine than it used to be, and some family physicians want to reverse the trend.

Jun 2005 Issue
Expanding Your Practice Through Niche Services [Feature]

More and more family physicians are adding new services and getting rave reviews. Here’s how to find the niche that’s right for you.

May 2004 Issue
How to Make the Media Your Public Health Partner [Feature]

Your local media can help you promote good health care to your entire community.

Jan 2002 Issue
"You Should See My Doctor": Cost-Effective Marketing Ideas for Your Practice [Feature]

Marketing doesn’t have to be expensive, complicated or unethical. To begin, simply treat your current patients right.

Nov-Dec 2001 Issue
Nine Steps to a Strategic Marketing Plan [Feature]

Here’s how to make sure both you and your patients know what makes your practice special.

Nov-Dec 2000 Issue
Panning for Gold: How to Find Money in Your Practice [Feature]

Here are some tips for cutting your expenses and increasing your revenue — without losing staff.

Jun 2000 Issue
House Calls: Taking the Practice to the Patient [Feature]

Visiting patients where they live is not only good medicine and good marketing. It's also good for the soul.

May 2000 Issue
Strategies for Expanding Your Patient Base in Diverse Communities [Feature]

Diversification can help your practice thrive — and deepen your humanity.

Mar 1998 Issue
Education and Promotion: A Winning Combination [Marketing Tips]

This article offers several tips on how to use patient education materials to increase a practice's visibility in the community.

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