Employee policies

November/December 2011 Issue
Is Your Practice at Risk for Fraud? [Feature]

Without reasonable controls, you may be inviting embezzlement.

March/April 2010 Issue
The 12-Step Way to Reduce Practice Expenses: Part 1, Staffing Efficiencies [Feature]

Staff-related expenses consume the largest portion of your overhead, so that's where this 12-month plan begins.

Apr 2008 Issue
How to Protect Your Data When You're on the Web [Feature]

Every time you access the Internet, a world of criminals is trying to steal personal information – yours and your patients'. Here's how to stop them.

Jun 2006 Issue
Dressed to Ill [The Last Word]

If a shirt and tie are too formal and jeans and a T-shirt are too casual, what's a doctor to do?

Feb 2006 Issue
Minimizing the Risk of Financial Fraud [Feature]

Implementing internal controls in your practice will help you stop embezzlement and keep what you earn.

Oct 2005 Issue
A Must-Do List for the Departing Physician [Feature]

From tail coverage to giving notice, here’s how to prepare yourself, your partners and your patients for your departure.

Apr 2001 Issue
Tailoring New Physicians to Fit Your Practice [Feature]

Find out how one group created an orientation program that assimilates new doctors more quickly and creates an increased sense of loyalty.

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