Management of physicians

July/August 2019 Issue
A New Approach to New Physician Orientation: Six Key Components [Feature]

In an era of patient-centered medical homes and value-based care, the old approach to physician orientation just doesn’t cut it.

May/June 2013 Issue
Generation Gap: Effectively Leading Physicians of All Ages [Feature]

Learning what makes physicians of different eras tick can go a long way toward making them happy and productive.

January/February 2012 Issue
How Inclusive Leadership Can Help Your Practice Adapt to Change [Feature]

The most effective leaders realize that everyone's input is valuable.

January/February 2010 Issue
Reaching Out to an Impaired Physician [Feature]

Effectively addressing a colleague's impairment requires care, planning and courage.

Mar-Apr 2009 Issue
Practice Improvement Is People [From the Editor]

It takes the right people to do the right stuff.

Oct 2007 Issue
Recruiting and Retaining the Right Physicians [Feature]

Your practice can hire the best candidates by knowing its needs and anticipating theirs.

Jan 2006 Issue
Seven Characteristics of Successful Work Relationships [Feature]

Your clinical and financial success may depend on work relationships within your practice.

Mar 2002 Issue
How to Recruit New Residency Graduates [Feature]

Begin by understanding what makes them tick.

Apr 2001 Issue
Tailoring New Physicians to Fit Your Practice [Feature]

Find out how one group created an orientation program that assimilates new doctors more quickly and creates an increased sense of loyalty.

May 1999 Issue
Holding the Gains in Quality Improvement [Feature]

In QI, enacting a positive change within your practice isn't the end. You must continue moving forward.

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