Office management

September/October 2016 Issue
Instant Messaging: A Simple Tool to Improve Teamwork and Wait Times [Feature]

On-screen alerts can help a spread-out staff work together to keep patient care moving smoothly.

March/April 2015 Issue
Inefficiency in Primary Care: Common Causes and Potential Solutions [Feature]

This practice-based research project highlights key sources of inefficiency in primary care and real-world suggestions for how to improve.

November/December 2010 Issue
Addressing Common Inefficiencies in Office Practice [Feature]

A well-organized workflow will save you time, money and aggravation.

May/June 2010 Issue
How to Clean Up in Family Medicine [The Last Word]

As costs increase, medical practices need to get creative.

March/April 2010 Issue
How to Solve Problems in Your Practice With a New Meeting Approach [Feature]

Your practice members have the answers; they just need to be heard.

Jun 2008 Issue
How to Fix a Flawed Process: The Four Rules of Work Design [Feature]

Developed by Toyota but applicable to medical practice, these rules can transform the way you work.

May 2008 Issue
Is Your Practice Merger Doomed to Fail? [Feature]

Before you partner with another practice, make sure you've addressed these four questions.

May 2008 Issue
What the Military Taught Me About Practice Management [Feature]

These nine characteristics of military life have a place in medical practices.

Apr 2008 Issue
Closing the Physician-Staff Divide: A Step Toward Creating the Medical Home [Feature]

If your staff's job is to keep patients moving through the system and yours is to take care of the patients they supply, your practice is flawed.

Nov-Dec 2007 Issue
The Makings of a Good Meeting [Feature]

Don't waste time on bad meetings. Here's how to make sure your meetings are necessary and productive.

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