Paperwork management

March/April 2021 Issue
Durable Medical Equipment: A Streamlined Approach [Feature]

Durable medical equipment helps patients live healthier, more independent lives. Here’s how to minimize the hassles of getting it to them.

November/December 2020 Issue
What Primary Care Physicians Want for Christmas [The Last Word]

Dear Santa, all we want is some help to do our jobs.

May/June 2019 Issue
Seven Habits for Reducing Work After Clinic [Feature]

Imagine shutting your office door at the end of the day and not having any work that you need to take home. These shifts in practice can help you reclaim your time.

March/April 2014 Issue
Joy Revisited [The Last Word]

If we want joy in practice, we're going to have to try a different approach.

Jul-Aug 2008 Issue
The Paper Chase [The Last Word]

Technology was supposed to eliminate paper in our offices, so what happened?

Mar 2007 Issue
Dealing With Medical Junk Mail [The Last Word]

If you can't stop the deluge, you might as well laugh at it.

Nov-Dec 2006 Issue
Improving Office Practice: Working Smarter, Not Harder [Feature]

Seemingly simple strategies can transform your practice.

Oct 2006 Issue
Get Ready for the Revised CMS-1500 Claim Form [Feature]

Now is the time to get your National Provider Identifier number and update your billing system.

Sep 2006 Issue
Providing Consistent Care With Standardized Admission Orders [Feature]

Incorporating these orders into your hospital admission routine will ensure that patients receive comprehensive, appropriate care every time.

Sep 2006 Issue
In Search of a Super Superbill [Feature]

This superbill incorporates the best characteristics of superbills submitted by FPM readers.

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