Staff management

Nov-Dec 2006 Issue
How to Fire a Staff Member [Feature]

Following clear guidelines will help you handle this sensitive situation efficiently and professionally.

Nov-Dec 2006 Issue
Improving Office Practice: Working Smarter, Not Harder [Feature]

Seemingly simple strategies can transform your practice.

Jan 2006 Issue
Seven Characteristics of Successful Work Relationships [Feature]

Your clinical and financial success may depend on work relationships within your practice.

Oct 2005 Issue
Get Better Results With Staff Performance Standards [Feature]

By involving all of your employees, you can set more realistic job expectations and make your practice better.

Mar 2003 Issue
Five Steps to a Performance Evaluation System [Feature]

Keep your staff productive and motivated by conducting regular performance evaluations.

Nov-Dec 2002 Issue
Serving Up the Feedback Sandwich [Feature]

Negative feedback is never easy to give, but sandwiching criticism between layers of praise makes it more palatable and more effective.

Apr 2001 Issue
Identifying the Causes of Staff Turnover [Feature]

You may be able to reduce turnover by finding out how your practice looks through the eyes of your staff.

Feb 2000 Issue
Choosing a Pay Structure That Works for Your Practice [Feature]

A good compensation model can motivate staff and improve your practice's performance.

Oct 1999 Issue
Setting Group Goals [Improving Patient Care]

This article describes the importance of setting goals, whether for patient self-management or for quality improvement projects within one's practice. The article also explains how to set goals that are meaningful, specific, achievable and measurable.

Oct 1999 Issue
Preventing and Responding to Sexual Harassment [Feature]

Protect yourself and your practice by creating an effective sexual harassment policy and by investigating incidents promptly.

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