Appointments and schedules, general

Feb 2005 Issue
Managing the Habitual No-Show Patient [Improving Patient Care]

The author describes how his practice addressed the problem of patients who frequently missed appointments by implementing an alternative form of scheduling for such patients.

Oct 2004 Issue
Asthma Days: An Approach to Planned Asthma Care for Family Physicians [Feature]

Find out how one practice has improved care and outcomes for its asthma patients and increased practice revenue at the same time.

Jul-Aug 2004 Issue
How to Use Scheduling Data to Improve Efficiency [Feature]

The first step is simply to take a closer look at your appointment book.

Jun 2002 Issue
Strategies for Better Patient Flow and Cycle Time [Feature]

These tried-and-true techniques will increase revenue, reduce expenses and improve satisfaction with your practice.

Jan 2002 Issue
Tuning Up Your Patient Schedule [Feature]

These scheduling tips can help you smooth out the peaks and valleys in your patient flow and increase your bottom line.

May 1999 Issue
Get a Life by Clearing the Clutter [Balancing Act]

Time management advice for streamlining work load.

Jan 1999 Issue
How Does Your Practice Sound on the Phone? [Feature]

Many patients derive their impression of your practice from telephone contacts. Here are tips for doing a better job.

Sep 1998 Issue
Demand Management: Implementing Your Own Program [Feature]

You don't have to spend a lot on bells and whistles. Instead, put the principles of managing demand to work in your practice.

May 1998 Issue
Accessibility Is the Key [Marketing Tips]

The author offers basic tips about scheduling office hours to better meet patients' needs.

Jan 1998 Issue
Simple Ways to Make Waiting More Patient Friendly [Marketing Tips]

The author offers several tips about how to schedule patient visits more efficiently so that patients know that you value their time as much as your own.

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