Employed practice

Feb 2000 Issue
Is Disintegration the Answer? [Feature]

If your relationship with an integrated organization seems tenuous, try to shore it up before you give up.

Jan 2000 Issue
Negotiation Gambits [Salaried FP]

The author describes techniques for negotiating using scenarios that physicians commonly encounter.

Nov-Dec 1999 Issue
Disintegration: How Employed Doctors Are Landing on Their Feet [Feature]

As integrated organizations come apart, family physicians are finding a variety of ways to bail out.

Apr 1999 Issue
Overcoming Roadblocks on the Path to the Boardroom [Salaried FP]

This article will give salaried FPs advice on how they can overcome institutional roadblocks to gaining positions of leadership in health care organizations.

Jan 1999 Issue
Medalia: Why We Unionized [Salaried FP]

This article will examine why the salaried physicians at Medalia HealthCare (Seattle area) decided to unionize and how they went about it.

Jan 1999 Issue
Is There a Physician Union in Your Future? [Feature]

By joining forces with unions, some family physicians are hoping to overcome the unrealistic demands of managed care.

Apr 1998 Issue
Benefits Programs: Look Before You Leap [Salaried FP]

This article discusses what benefits salaried FPs should seek to negotiate into their employment contracts.

Mar 1998 Issue
Salaried Physicians: Managers in Disguise [Salaried FP]

The article describes how salaried family physicians perform management functions and offers tips about how they can do a better job of management.

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