Solo practice

May/June 2014 Issue
Solo Practice: Can It Survive? [From the Editor]

The environment is tougher than ever. Proactive revenue management and direct pay models provide opportunities for small practices

Jan-Feb 2009 Issue
FP Snapshot [Snapshot]

Sep 2007 Issue
Seven Strategies for Creating a More Efficient Practice [Feature]

Simple, low-cost technologies and strategic outsourcing have helped this solo physician practice efficiently, even without any staff.

May 2006 Issue
Developing a Solo Practice Exit Strategy [Feature]

It's never too soon to start planning a smooth transition from solo practice to retirement.

Oct 2003 Issue
Solo Practice: The Way of the Future [Feature]

Is there still a place for the rugged individualist in medicine? Here’s one family physician who says, “Yes!” [FPM Classics Issue]

Oct 2002 Issue
Ten Reasons to Be a Self-Employed Family Physician and Ten Ways to Do It [Feature]

Independent practice could revive your career, but do you have what it takes to succeed?

May 2002 Issue
Answers to Your Questions on Solo, Idealized Practice [Feature]

How does a solo doc with no support staff manage his referrals, order his supplies and give immunizations? Gordon Moore, MD, answers those questions and more.

Mar 2002 Issue
Reducing Practice to Its Essentials [Editor's Page]

Compares Gordon Moore's completely solo practice to Thoreau's house at Walden Pond

Mar 2002 Issue
Going Solo: One Doc, One Room, One Year Later [Feature]

This unorthodox practice, built on four “ideal” principles, is steadily proving itself a success.

Feb 2002 Issue
Going Solo: Making the Leap [Feature]

Why one family physician left the security of salaried practice to pursue ideal patient care completely on his own.

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