Solo practice

May/June 2014 Issue
Solo Practice: Can It Survive? [From the Editor]

The environment is tougher than ever. Proactive revenue management and direct pay models provide opportunities for small practices

Jan-Feb 2009 Issue
FP Snapshot [Snapshot]

Sep 2007 Issue
Seven Strategies for Creating a More Efficient Practice [Feature]

Simple, low-cost technologies and strategic outsourcing have helped this solo physician practice efficiently, even without any staff.

May 2006 Issue
Developing a Solo Practice Exit Strategy [Feature]

It's never too soon to start planning a smooth transition from solo practice to retirement.

Oct 2003 Issue
Solo Practice: The Way of the Future [Feature]

Is there still a place for the rugged individualist in medicine? Here’s one family physician who says, “Yes!” [FPM Classics Issue]

Oct 2002 Issue
Ten Reasons to Be a Self-Employed Family Physician and Ten Ways to Do It [Feature]

Independent practice could revive your career, but do you have what it takes to succeed?

May 2002 Issue
Answers to Your Questions on Solo, Idealized Practice [Feature]

How does a solo doc with no support staff manage his referrals, order his supplies and give immunizations? Gordon Moore, MD, answers those questions and more.

Mar 2002 Issue
Going Solo: One Doc, One Room, One Year Later [Feature]

This unorthodox practice, built on four “ideal” principles, is steadily proving itself a success.

Mar 2002 Issue
Reducing Practice to Its Essentials [Editor's Page]

Compares Gordon Moore's completely solo practice to Thoreau's house at Walden Pond

Feb 2002 Issue
Going Solo: Making the Leap [Feature]

Why one family physician left the security of salaried practice to pursue ideal patient care completely on his own.

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