Clinical process improvement

Sep 2007 Issue
The Ideal Medical Practice Model: Improving Efficiency, Quality, and the Doctor-Patient Relationship [Feature]

When you redesign a practice around these principles, you can step off the productivity treadmill and focus on excellent patient care.

Oct 2006 Issue
How to Improve the Quality of Waived Tests [Feature]

You’ll make better medical decisions if you make sure you’re getting reliable results from your in-office lab.

Sep 2006 Issue
Providing Consistent Care With Standardized Admission Orders [Feature]

Incorporating these orders into your hospital admission routine will ensure that patients receive comprehensive, appropriate care every time.

Sep 2006 Issue
A Whole Issue of Doctor Tools [From the Editor]

Your practice toolkit isn’t complete without these.

May 2006 Issue
Planned Care: Some Assembly Required [From the Editor]

(But each piece is useful in itself.)

Nov-Dec 2005 Issue
Improving Chronic Illness Care: Lessons Learned in a Private Practice [Feature]

The chronic care model offers a proactive, organized approach that can improve outcomes and satisfaction, but no paradigm shift comes easy.

Nov-Dec 2005 Issue
Chronic Care in an Acutely Ill System [From the Editor]

Taking the long view in a short-sighted world takes courage and commitment.

Oct 2005 Issue
Reliability Science: Reducing the Error Rate in Your Practice [Feature]

These seven principles can help ensure that your patients receive the right care at the right time every time.

Jun 2005 Issue
Innovation in Practice: Six Ways to Harness the Power of Your Ideas [Feature]

With a clear aim, some basic innovation tools and a willingness to experiment, your team can produce some remarkable ideas.

Oct 2004 Issue
High-Energy, High-Return Practice [Editor's Page]

Argues that, even given all the barriers, practice improvement effort can pay off in enough ways that it is worth the effort.

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