Complementary and alternative medicine

Jul-Aug 2007 Issue
Are You Ready to Discuss Complementary and Alternative Medicine? [Feature]

If you haven't been communicating openly about these therapies with your patients, you may be missing a valuable opportunity.

Apr 2005 Issue
The Ethics of Alternative Medicine: An Alternative Standard? [Editorial]

Let’s do more soul-searching before we advise patients about untested alternative therapies.We would not place our patients on methotrexate before learning that it was safe and effective. Let’s not give them magnetic treatments without the same standard.

Mar 2001 Issue
Complementary and Alternative Medicine: A Primer [Feature]

You may be surprised by the number of your patients using CAM therapy. This primer provides the background and tips you’ll need to have a productive conversation about it.

Nov-Dec 1998 Issue
Take-Home Messages From the Academy's Managed Care Forum [Feature]

From time management to alternative medicine to accounting, the Managed Care Forum of the 1998 AAFP Scientific Assembly offered pearls for family physicians.

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