Evidence-based medicine

May 2001 Issue
Putting Clinical Guidelines Into Practice [Improving Patient Care]

The article follows a family practice through its quality improvement project to increase physician use of clinical guidelines for asthma.

May 2000 Issue
Understanding the Risks of Medical Interventions [Improving Patient Care]

The article will explore how to assess the benefits and risks of particular interventions, using relative risk reduction (RRR), absolute risk reduction (ARR) and number needed to treat (NNT).

May 1999 Issue
Clinical Decision Support From EDHome [Computers]

This installment in an ongoing series of brief web-site reviews will describe a site from the National Center for Emergency Medicine Informatics that offers access to more than 50 clinical decision-support tools for tasks such as computing MI probability, calculating body mass or finding predicted peak flow values.

Mar 1999 Issue
How to Evaluate and Implement Clinical Policies [Feature]

Here are step-by-step methodologies to help you select the right clinical policies and actually change practice with them.

Feb 1999 Issue
Our Featured Web Site: Medical World Search [Computers]

This installment in an ongoing series of brief Web-site reviews will describe Medical World Search, a Web search engine designed to retrieve only Web pages that have clinical information.

Feb 1999 Issue
Where to Look for Good Clinical Policies [Feature]

Doctors increasingly need to know how to find, evaluate and implement clinical policies. Our primer begins with this first of two articles.

Nov-Dec 1998 Issue
Decrease Hassles and Costs by Integrating Your Plans' Formularies [Feature]

This practice reduced its plans' drug requirements to one document physicians can use easily to provide quality care less expensively.

Oct 1998 Issue
Disease Management: Who's Caring for Your Patients? [Feature]

The more you know about this strategy for improving quality and decreasing the cost of care, the better off your patients will be.

Mar 1998 Issue
Variety: The Spice of Covered Lives [Editorial]

The CQI emphasis on reducing or eliminating variation is wrongheaded in a field as full of individual needs as medicine.

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