Patient-centered care

September/October 2013 Issue
Practice Transformation: Running Your Business Like a Business [Feature]

This medical practice uses technology and automaker-inspired productivity steps to modernize and rapidly grow its business.

March/April 2013 Issue
Redesigning Your Work Space to Support Team-Based Care [Feature]

Four key design elements could make your team more effective.

March/April 2013 Issue
Envisioning New Roles for Medical Assistants: Strategies From Patient-Centered Medical Homes [Feature]

In an era of "do more with less," MAs can play a pivotal and flexible role in family medicine practices.

September/October 2011 Issue
Remove Roadblocks and Improve Access to Preventive Care [Feature]

Learn how a few procedural changes dramatically increased this practice's visit rates for well-child care.

September/October 2011 Issue
What Family Physicians Need to Know About ACOs [Feature]

Accountable care organizations could be the next big thing in health care delivery. Here's what you need to know – and what you need to do – now.

November/December 2010 Issue
The PCMH and ACO: Opposed or Mutually Supportive? [Opinion]

The medical home and the accountable care organization need each other.

September/October 2010 Issue
The Patient-Centered Medical Home: Still a Work in Progress [Feature]

Pilot projects are producing encouraging results as well as new challenges.

Nov-Dec 2009 Issue
Step-by-Step Practice Transformation [From the Editor]

Can you walk there, or do you need to fly?

Nov-Dec 2009 Issue
Ten Steps to a Patient-Centered Medical Home [Feature]

Start with steps that increase practice revenue. Then you'll be better able to afford the steps that just make practice better and more satisfying.

Sep-Oct 2009 Issue
Five Communication Strategies to Promote Self-Management of Chronic Illness [Feature]

How you communicate with your patients can enhance – or inhibit – their ability to manage their chronic illnesses.

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