Performance measurement

Mar-Apr 2009 Issue
Practicing Excellence: Your Role in Practice Transformation [Feature]

Physician leaders play a vital part in guiding the practice toward exceptional performance.

Jul-Aug 2008 Issue
Eight Steps to a Chart Audit for Quality [Feature]

A simple chart review can help your group answer the question on everyone's mind: “How are we doing?”

Feb 2008 Issue
Practice Measurement: A New Approach for Demonstrating the Worth of Your Work [Feature]

To obtain a true view of the quality of your practice, you must measure the patient's experience.

Nov-Dec 2007 Issue
Payer Trend: 'Tiering' Physicians and 'Steering' Patients [Feature]

Insurers are experimenting with plans that drive patients to physicians deemed to be high-quality and low-cost.

Jun 2007 Issue
Measuring for Medicare: The Physician Quality Reporting Initiative [Feature]

The new initiative from CMS can add a little to your bottom line and prepare your office for future reporting programs.

Jan 2007 Issue
What Do We Really Know About Patient Satisfaction? [Feature]

A review of the literature reveals practical ways to improve patient satisfaction and compelling reasons to do so.

Jul-Aug 2006 Issue
What Family Physicians Need to Know About Pay for Performance [Feature]

Yes, the concept has flaws, but it may also have promise. Regardless, it’s headed your way.

Jul-Aug 2006 Issue
How Does Your Practice Measure Up? [Feature]

The ability to collect and use data to improve performance is becoming an essential practice management skill.

Nov-Dec 2005 Issue
Look Beyond Your Practice's Bottom Line [Feature]

Two tools – gap analysis and root cause analysis – can work together to tell you where and why you might be lagging financially.

May 2005 Issue
The New Model of Care in Family Medicine: What's In It For You? [Feature]

Team-based, proactive care supported by effective office systems, technology and a culture of improvement will help your patients and your bottom line.

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