Nonclinical process improvement

Mar 2004 Issue
When Customer Service and Patient Care Collide [Editorial]

Jan 2004 Issue
Two Ways of Looking at a Healthy Practice [Editor's Page]

Points out that the Nicoletti and Borglum articles in this issue are connected in that they both come from practice consultants who have formed apparently similar views of what constitutes a good practice.

Sep 2003 Issue
A Challenge for You [Editor's Page]

Introducing the FPM Reader Challenge, the author solicits "big ideas that have made a difference in FP’s practices" as entries into an article competition.

Oct 2002 Issue
Rethinking Refills [Improving Patient Care]

The article explains the use of a prescription medication protocol, which can empower a practice's staff to handle Rx refills more efficiently, resulitng in improved patient service, decreased Rx errors, and better use of physicians' time.

Jul-Aug 2002 Issue
What's Wrong With This Practice? [Editor's Page]

Argues that most practices are shot through with errors that can be prevented -- or at least be prevented from having adverse consequences -- by systematization.

Jun 2002 Issue
Is Your Practice Wasting Away? [Editor's Page]

Accuses the reader of wasting far more in his or her practice than meets the eye and challenges him/her to read Lean Thinking and FPM articles about redesign.

Feb 2001 Issue
Improving Your Practice Through the FPM Practice Self-Test [Editorial]

FPM's medical editor writes about the value of self-assessment.

Jul-Aug 2000 Issue
When What's Supposed to Happen Doesn't [Editor's Page]

Points out that one route to quality improvement is to find ways of making sure that two things that are supposed to happen together do so automatically.

May 2000 Issue
The Revolution Has Begun [Editor's Page]

Argues that the IHI IDCOP project is needed, that today's office practice is hopelessly broken and in need of replacement.

Jan 2000 Issue
Forget Y2K; Worry About 2001 [Editor's Page]

Gives the reader a "to-do" list of jobs to complete in getting ready for practice in the 21st century

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