Interpersonal skills, general

January/February 2021 Issue
Building Community Well-being Through Emotional Intelligence and Cognitive Reframing [Feature]

With communities facing so much unrest, here are two skills you can apply to help promote healing.

September/October 2020 Issue
Emotional Intelligence: Five Ways to Have Better Interactions and Improve Your Work Life [Feature]

These simple tools can help you respond effectively when you feel emotionally hijacked by difficult people or circumstances.

July/August 2020 Issue
Ten Tips for Cultivating Patience During Uncertain Times [The Last Word]

It’s easy to feel impatient with ourselves and others these days. But research suggests impatience can be bad for our health. Here’s a better way to respond.

March/April 2020 Issue
Is This Some Kind of Joke? Understanding and Using Humor in the Clinical Setting [Feature]

The wrong joke at the wrong time can shatter the doctor-patient relationship, but humor used wisely has health benefits and strengthens bonds in stressful situations.

September/October 2019 Issue
Incivility in Health Care: Strategies for De-escalating Troubling Encounters [Feature]

With rudeness, discrimination, and violence on the rise, how do we take care of our patients while protecting ourselves?

November/December 2018 Issue
What Makes a Doctor Truly Great [The Last Word]

This one skill separates the good from the great.

January/February 2018 Issue
Ten Strategies for Building Emotional Intelligence and Preventing Burnout [Feature]

You couldn’t have made it through medical school and residency without a high intellect, but have you developed your emotional intelligence?

November/December 2017 Issue
How to Lead Up in Your Organization [Feature]

Leading up is about setting an example and building influence so you can be more effective. It starts with these seven skills.

September/October 2017 Issue
Creating a Space Where Doctors Can Be Vulnerable [The Last Word]

We shouldn't try to carry the stress of patient care alone.

January/February 2017 Issue
Ten Sins of Office Medicine [The Last Word]

None of us wants to be "that doctor."

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