Virtual visits

July/August 2020 Issue
Maintaining Patient Relationships in the Age of Hospitalists, Urgent Care, and a Pandemic [From the Editor]

It was already difficult to get enough face-to-face time with patients before COVID-19 hit. Bonding with them now takes even more effort.

May/June 2020 Issue
Operationalizing Virtual Visits During a Public Health Emergency [Feature]

Providing options for remote access to care can keep your practice running and your patients healthy when an infectious disease outbreak prevents you from seeing them in person.

May/June 2020 Issue
Managing a Telephone Encounter: Five Tips for Effective Communication [From the Editor]

Doctoring by phone is a skill I never thought I’d have to learn.

July/August 2015 Issue
Should You Treat Patients Virtually? [Feature]

As virtual visits become more popular, physicians should consider their value and what it would take to provide them.

Oct 2007 Issue
Virtual Office Visits: A Reachable and Reimbursable Innovation [Feature]

They're convenient, they're efficient, and for a growing number of physicians, they pay.

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