Medicare wellness visits

January/February 2022 Issue
Medicare 101: Navigating the Rules for Coverage and Benefits in Clinical Practice [Feature]

From wellness visits to opting out, here are nine commonly asked questions about Medicare.

March/April 2019 Issue
Medicare Wellness Visits: Reassessing Their Value to Your Patients and Your Practice [Feature]

Providing Medicare wellness visits can be challenging but can improve quality and practice revenue.

March/April 2017 Issue
Medicare Annual Wellness Visits: How to Get Patients and Physicians on Board [Feature]

Patients are more likely to schedule a wellness visit if their physician recommends it, but that won't happen without staff support.

March/April 2017 Issue
What Is the Best Approach to Annual Wellness Visits for Seniors? [From the Editor]

Maybe it is time to change the way I do things – yet again.

January/February 2017 Issue
Making Sense of MACRA: Annual Wellness Visit [Supplement]

How to optimize revenue today while improving Medicare quality and cost.

July/August 2016 Issue
How to Document and Code Medicare Preventive Services [Feature]

Think of this as your field guide to the rules surrounding Medicare preventive services.

September/October 2012 Issue
Making Medicare Wellness Visits Work in Practice [Feature]

Taking a systematic, team-based approach can make these services valuable for physicians and patients.

March/April 2012 Issue
Medicare Annual Wellness Visits: Don't Forget the Health Risk Assessment [Feature]

Here’s one way to satisfy Medicare’s recent addition to the annual wellness visit requirements.

July/August 2011 Issue
Medicare Annual Wellness Visits Made Easier [Feature]

A systematic approach will help prevent these visits from overwhelming your practice.

March/April 2011 Issue
Answers to Your Questions About Medicare Annual Wellness Visits [Feature]

Our previous issue described the requirements and introduced an encounter form for documenting these visits. Now we answer your questions about this newest Medicare benefit.

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