Behavioral health care

May/June 2021 Issue
Innovative Care Delivery: Behavioral Health Integration and Home-based Primary Care [Supplement]

Identify opportunities to integrate behavioral health into clinical practice to improve quality and reduce cost for patients with mental and behavioral health needs. Explore how providing home-based primary care can improve outcomes and reduce utilization.

May/June 2021 Issue
Integrating Behavioral Health Into Primary Care [From the Editor]

Integrating behavioral health improves patient outcomes and makes medical practice more satisfying. Here’s one way to do it.

May/June 2021 Issue
Now More Than Ever, Mental Health Care Needs Family Medicine [Opinion]

With the stress of the pandemic exacerbating patients’ health issues, primary care physicians have an unparalleled opportunity to address both their physical and their mental health needs.

November/December 2019 Issue
Bringing Behavioral Health Into Your Practice Through a Psychiatric Collaborative Care Program [Feature]

Learn how to implement an integrated behavioral health program that will more than pay for itself while increasing patients’ access to care.

March/April 2019 Issue
Unlocking Clues to Current Health in Past History: Childhood Trauma and Healing [Feature]

Adverse childhood events can have enduring effects on patients’ health, but these four steps can help promote healing.

March/April 2018 Issue
Encouraging Health Behavior Change: Eight Evidence-Based Strategies [Feature]

Using these brief interventions, you can help your patients make healthy behavior changes.

March/April 2017 Issue
Managing Behavioral Health Issues in Primary Care: Six Five-Minute Tools [Feature]

These practical strategies can help family physicians support patients with depression, anxiety, and other behavioral health issues.

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